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  1. Ok, thank you.
  2. Hello, dear MTA:SA Developers! I wanna report you one BIG problem in AC which may break Destruction Derby and DeathMatch gamemodes (race). This mistake allows some players change config of cars and make cars much more dynamic and gives them very good control of it. This video shows how do players play with it. (Yes, they exist already and play ClanWars! You may see their nicknames on the video + turk teamchat below). If you don't take any actions we will get really big problems with it. AC doesn't detect anything. P.S. I've sent another video (how to use it) to ccw and hope he will take c
  3. They changed the name of server to "[S8] Cross DD | OLD [ATOM] Destruction Derby + Shooter/FUN | s8team.weebly.com" THEY TRY TO STEAL THE WHOLE TEAM! THEY JUST OPENED A NEW FAKE WEBSITE ALREADY! HELP US TO GET RID OF THIS SERVER ALREADY, PLEASE!
  4. Yes, I know. I did that before already. But nothing happened this time (Before fake servers always got blacklisted but idk why not this time)
  5. Hello, I am an owner of S8 Team and S8 Servers for many years. I'm sorry about creating a new topic about this problem but I already posted a request in special topic but you didn't help me, so I have no choice since my server and our community lose players. My clan has its own public DD server called "[S8] Cross DD", here's a screenshot: SERVER IP: But some days ago someone opened a fake server called "[S8] Cross DD" and we can't do anything with it. Here's a screenshot: FAKE SERVER IP: When I joined the fake server I got th
  6. Hello! I am an owner of S8 team and servers. Someone is faking S8 Server with using [S8] tag. I hope you can help us and remove it. IP of fake server: mtasa:// Original IP: Thank you.
  7. Hey there again. I'm an owner and founder of S8 Team and S8 Servers for a long time. I asked you some time ago to remove server which uses S8 tag and tags of most popular servers in MTA to stole our players. I think you didn't see the second server (there were 2 spam servers) and cause of that I post this request again. Help us to get rid of such servers. Thanks. IP of spam server: mtasa://
  8. I'm an owner of [s8] Cross DD server. It is very old and popular DD server and some times new servers try to steal our players by using our tag. Help me to get rid of these servers who use our "S8" and other tags, please. I asked you about same problem and you helped me, I hope you will help me now too. Thanks. mtasa:// [MDS+Multi Destruction Server++>/TDD/FDD/Cross/Mtd/S8/wG/Gk/Otto/Scale/Pearl/Horrible/Turkey] mtasa:// [TRDD][DD]Cross/HD/MTR/WG/PRoF-DD/Turkey-DD/Scale/Ottoman/S8/turkish-dd/turkey
  9. Using S8 and some other tags to stole players:
  10. I have a problem which I need to solve as soon as possible. I've made 'Shooting Arena' (re-made, fixed some problems + added my own map) for Race gamemode (if player dies then he's able to enter 'Shooting Arena' and have fun). But I've noticed one problem - after some time a few objects moves to down (so nobody can pass loops, or just fail to clear. Nobody does anything to resource or server but they move. After restart everything fall into place. Here are some examples: Moved: Original: Moved: Original:
  11. Hello! One guy cloned my server! It shows 138 ping, 4 players. I came to this server and creator of it told me he did it because I didn't make a team for his team! Please remove this fake-server from the list of servers. I'm S8 owner, [s8] Cross 2 DD is mine too IMPORTANT: He told he will change IPs all the time when his server will be hidden! Upd: He changed server name. Please remove it.
  12. I'm a leader of S8 Team and I have some problems with hosting of my server and try to solve these problems but someone decided to open fake servers while I can't provide access to my server. These servers: IPs: P.S. My server was almost always full in the evening - it's a reason why they stole my clan-tag
  13. Server Name: [s8] Cross DD 2 Server IP: My team made [s8] Cross DD server for a long time ago and someone fakes our server. I wish you can help.
  14. I fully support this idea. It would be great if DD has its official website/forum section (or something like that) My team and me fully support Zaya's idea ( My team - [s8] )
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