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  1. just bring back normal GTA for both on foot and vehicle.. keyboard is teh suck.
  2. Been playing for about 2 weeks now. I got a gamepad setup for race mode using xpadder... but I can't take it anymore. I didn't know how much i relied on the analog sticks for movement and camera and its damn near impossible to play on rooftop jump style maps without the right analog stick. Also, when mapping "S" to the reverse button on gamepads it tends to toggle.. so you have to hit it twice to get out of reverse.. and sometimes on some creative maps that just kills you cuz you get stuck in this half forward/half reverse toggle. I'm going to try to set my mouse up for driving, and use my
  3. KewlAzMe

    spider people! :O

    This is a frequent, and annoying bug on SAMP..... i was happy to NOT see it in MTA.. but ....well.. This is easily reproduced when someone does a behind the back stealth kill with the knife and their player animation does the death sequence.. it never recovers from the death on your client. So even tho they think they are walking around, your client sees them in their death position. This is a little different on MTA it seems, as it looks more like the player is stretched out here. But perhaps a similar problem.
  4. HOw about popping tires? havent tried it yet but i know in Samp it was disabled. HOw about weapons in race mode for drivebys and stuff
  5. I thought they had anticheat...which is why stops you from playing with modified files and doesn't allow vista to work with MTA Race because of the hooks are setting off the anticheat... I also assume thats why they have their own game control setup instead of using GTA's
  6. I'd prefer it actually if you could push in hay mode... play king of the hill style where u push eachother off.
  7. The way I see it, it is a game that was designed to be played on a PS2.. i have my PS2-to-PC converter. with GTA: SA, MTA: Race and SAMP i use my PS2 controller the same way across the board. MTA: DM is the only one that is doing it different. And I'm sure they have their reasons.... but I hope they at least try to mimic the controls properly. There is some concern about the R1 auto-aim vs Mouse Aiming... I don't really have a proper solution for that but as long as the option to use the gamepad is there, people who complain have the option to even the playing field by switching to gamepad..
  8. NO! I can't believe that is even being considered as an option. Hell no we don't want race only for gamepad. Why can't you just have 2 sets of controls like GTA does.. one for on foot and one for in car.. a simple flag would check which control set to use. On top of that I'd like to see - Left Analog stick support for walking and doing the motorcycle "lean forward" thing - Right Analog stick support for Camera rotation.. its damn near impossible on some "wild-designed" races that have lots of turns and stuff to follow when you can't move the camera angle. I constantly have to let go of the
  9. So can anyone post their pre-made xpadder file? I am a bit unsure how to get it all working with different controls for On Foot and In Car. Also things like looking behind you on the real GTA controls was done by holding both L2 and R2 and that would look behind you. Tho on foot look behind you was left analog stick push (iirc)
  10. Any resolution with this? I can get on to the site from work just fine, which is on a T3. But at home I'm on sbc/at&t DSL
  11. I've been trying to get onto your site(s) since back when MTAVC was first released, and still to this day your sites do not return anything in my browser. They just hang there trying to load but never do. I figured the projects were dead or just not very good since you didnt have a properly working site. But recently a friend in Europe said he plays all the time so now I am using a proxy to get to your site, but what is the problem with the blocking? Please contact your provider because I had this problem with DSL and Cable modem, so it seems to be a regional thing. Please look into this asap.
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