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  1. Fuck brah, hit me up on #ulk IRC and i'll help out.
  2. [FMJ]ParadoX


    ULK is still around
  3. It's getting to that time of year againnnnnn!
  4. I'm coding something and they would come in handy for teleport locations.
  5. Hey, I was wondering if anyone hassome spare time, and could possibly get me the co-ordinates of the Skin spawns for MTA:VC please?
  6. Yeah, I get that the external one works but you've got to appreciate most people can't be bothered using an external server browser. It'd just streamline the whole thing if the browser that was integrated was fixed, i'm not knocking in any way the effort you guys have put into the external browser whatsoever!
  7. If only the client browser could be fixed I'm sure we'd see a flow of more people.
  8. Toady is jealous that Brulla used to shove shotguns down his throat
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