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    Me Again

    im wrote this test script to see if it worked i get and error im the mirc status window saying on *:SIGNAL:mta.command:{ if ($3 == !hire) if ($4 != $mta.name) if($readini($scriptdir $+ Job.ini,$mta.name($1,$2),hired) != $null){ !writeini -n " $scriptdir $+ job.ini" $mta.name($1,$2),hired 1 mta.msg $1 $2 You are now aloud to start work } else mta.msg $1 $2 You have already been hired!!! } on *:SIGNAL:mta.command:{ if ($3 == !job){ if (Starfish-island isin $rpg.area($1,$2)){ if ($readini($scriptdir $+ job.ini,$mta.name($1,$2),hired) != 1){ mta.msg $1 $2 You have started work !.timer
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    ty VERY VERY much it worked Fine
  3. paddy1180


    None of them work.. the rpg.ini looks like this [{XN}Paddy] cars=2
  4. i know iv been asking alot but im trying to learn how to script and i wrote this script myself but when i type !cars nothing happens but whe i type any command starting with ! it comes up with you own cars. on *:SIGNAL:mta.command:{ if ($3 == !cars){ if ($readini($script.dir $+ RPG.ini,$mta.name($1,$2),cars)!= $null){ mta.msg $1 $2 You have no cars ! } else mta.msg You own car/s } } thanks
  5. paddy1180


    PLS can someone help
  6. paddy1180


    i know i have been posting loads of topics latly but i am trying to learn how to script and i made this basic code on *:SIGNAL:mta.command:{ if ($3 == !cars){ if ($readini($script.dir $+ RPG.ini,$mta.name($1,$2),cars)!= $null){ mta.msg $1 $2 You have no cars ! } else mta.msg You own car/s } } i dont know whats wrong with this but it dosnt work i want it to tell people how many cars they own
  7. Thank you very much,,, One more question, where did you learn to script MTA:0.5 Xendot | RPG Server http://www.freewebs.com/xendot
  8. Yeah it worked can you tell me how i add a timer to it like so after you typed !job it takes a min till you finish the job and get the money
  9. i test that script and when i type !job it comes up Job Already Done. the first time i type !job ty anyway
  10. on *:SIGNAL:mta.command:{ elseif $3 == !job if $rpg.area($1,$2) == Malibu-Club { mta.msg $1 $2 Job Completed. You got 987 ! !writeini -n " $+ $rpg.dir $+ rpg.ini" $mta.name($1,$2) cash 987 } else mta.msg $1 $2 Go to the Malibu-Club In Whasington Beach ! } This Script has got alot of bugs. when you start with 0 cash and you do the job you get 987, when you try to do it again it says you got 987 but you didnt, your cash stays the same. also after doing the job once, when you type any other commands like !cash it comes up with Job Completed ..... 987 but i ha
  11. the tut above is for mta sa mines is for mta 0.5
  12. im taking my tut away because to many people r MOANING about it
  13. yeah i tryed that but the link is broken,,, all those links in that list r broken
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