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  1. Quick and Simple one. LOL, It's still not released. I've not been back here for months (For the third time). Can't say I'm surprised really.
  2. A Big LOL at the 17 ppl willing to pay more than 20 bucks for it. Like some1 else said at the beginning, even though their talking about charging for it and distibuting on steam... They can't sell it without rights from Rockstar since its a mod. And I imagine Rockstar would want to see a fair portion of the green if they gave the go-ahead.
  3. Peeps are totally not going to pay to Beta test something... Especially something they've had to wait for for soooo long... I might pay some small amount for the final product, but like some1 said up the page, it's probably not good with the whole copyright scene.
  4. This post is simple enough.. After all the time and effort that's gone into MTA:SA DM, Would you be willing to pay a small amount for it?
  5. If were making guesses on how long till it comes, I'd be thinking... maybe.. when hell freezes over.
  6. I'm speechless!!! Why have'nt any other game Devs thought of this b4?? CPU ID ban... Friggin Awesome.
  7. Ever heard of Patches and Updates? GTA4 will probably get released before MTASA-DM I mean still in Alpha..... Alpha!?!?
  8. I agree with the guy that did the initial post... I did the same, went away for months then I was installing SA to play again and thought.. Oooh, maybe they've finally released MTA-DM. But alas it continues to evade us. And you guys who jump to it/it's developers defence and critisize ppl like me and that other dude (the original poster) for stating the obvious and what needs to be said are just, well if i said it, the post would probably get deleted. I don't mean any major offence to the Devs, but goddamn... It has been an awful long time. What, like a year and half now. Complete games have
  9. rofl, some ppl are so hostile on this forum. for no reason at all. oh well
  10. Outram

    GTA IV

    Cool Convo... It may not have multi, but you can bet GTA IV will have friggin' awesome GFX!
  11. Outram

    GTA IV

    This post is kinda a question for the Devs (Sorry, I know ur busy)... Has Rockstar approached you guys at all about working on GTA4 to make it Multi straight out of the box? Just Wondering...
  12. Ok, I'm not asking for a release date.. But seriously... What the hell is taking so goddamn long? Nearly a month between new articles?!!?! Friggin' tell us something over here!! And most ppl don't even give a s*%t aboot unfair advantage or stuff like that... We just want SA:Deathmatch. Glitchy or not. Plz let us know whats happening. Sorry to bitch but we've been waiting a damn long time.
  13. Please don't get too angry at me, as I stated before... I'm not complaining. I just wanted to see what other people were thinking and I'm well aware of the "Don't ask" policy on release dates etc. I just love Multi GTA so much and now that GTA-Rumble has fallen apart people who like Online Deathmatch play (Like Me) are at a boredom period.
  14. I'm not complaining, though I am really hanging out for the Deathmatch Mod for MTA Blue. I'm just interested to see what other people think about the amount of time between MTA milestones (Namely, the deathmatch mod). Please release a Public Alpha if not a full working version soon guys. I know the strain you must be under, but we want it sooo much.
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