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  3. Although I have a good gamepad, I prefer using the keyboard. It's a lot more precise imo. Gamepad is only for soccer games
  4. My third map is called Marcos Bistro. Suprisingly, it is located in Marco's Bistro, and made for 16 players. All objects can be removed from the file, because it only uses the interiors. My fourth map is called Jefferson Motel. This map is a deathmatch map for 32 players, in a large motel called Jefferson Motel. All object can be removed from the file, because it only uses the interiors. My fifth map is called The Four Dragons. This 32-player deathmatch takes place in The Four Dragons casino. Again, no suprise, all objects can be removed from the file, because it only uses the original ca
  5. My second map for MTA:DM is called Jizzys Pleasure Domes. It has 16 player spawns and the interiors are called Wu Zi Mu's House. There is one thing, the middle bar is the only object which isnt included in the interiors, so don't delete this one or there will be a gap. Have fun
  6. Ok, so here it is: Mad Dogs House. It is a deathmatch map inside Mad Dogs house. It includes player spawns(32), weapon pickups, health pickups and armor pickups with the syntax given in the first post. Also, nice maps Laggy, Sprinter and Hedning! Keep up the good work
  7. Here is Mad Dogs House, without interiors from the motel and some airplane: Click I think this would be great, because it's a large house with a number of spots for nice shootouts. If needed, you can ask me to place spawnpoints and weapon spawns in it. It's ok if you guys want to do it yourselves .
  8. Thanks for giving me response. I'll show some more details this time, although I have not changed anything since the first screenshot. Most likely this would be a map without car respawns (if I continue creating the map though, I could extend the map and include car spawns, but this isn't likely to happen). So you could think of a (sort of) Quake map. On one side, there would be a possibility to shoot with rifles, as you can see on this screenshot. On the other side there are two watchtowers, as you can see on this screenshot. I think I should not make both sides rifle shooting places so I
  9. Update: I made something...but i don't really know how to continue it and I'm not sure if I like this idea myself...but anyway, I'd like some reactions/tips for this map. I'm gonna start to make another map and I'll hear from you guys, I hope. It's still pretty basic as you can see: Thanks.
  10. Thats what i meant, it runs on the same engine ....
  11. I dont really like the loops, because I think it will be messy in a race with 16-32 players...though the rest is nice, the jump looks cool. Btw are you playing gta with such a framerate? It's really slow
  12. Could you type normal lines? Such a map would work on my pc But it might crash on other pc's. It's understandable to make a limit, and we have to be glad it is a limit within a certain area
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