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  1. if you like tune cars games, look for need for speed underground at http://www.needforspeed.com nice site too http://www.streettunersgarage.com
  2. TOO NICE!!!!!!!!!! but question, how can I do backflip with pcj-600 ??!! when you try, you fall off your pcj-600
  3. hey guy ,why you dont go on gta3t forum for complain about MTA i support MTA and the ''agressive man''(hey warlord ) and im sure im not the only one chow... asshole ( i pick up your word warlord )
  4. yihaaa you dont have time to think , the other person is dead
  5. it will be very cool BUT we HAVE TO PAY!!!
  6. i cant download themovie of 45 mo, this page appear http://www.gameforums.be/mta/mtamovie.rar
  7. i have the same problem, i see arrow on a roof and dot oon the radar
  8. why your skin is not a gang member like other players anyway, good sreenshots i want TO PLAY
  9. ok but, the bridge go up and down, you can close it but, we can start in shorside vale?
  10. no , example start in the second part of liberty city (example the stadium), and go to the 3rd part, (to the airport example) i dont know if you understand...
  11. when the channel is full = they have all betatesters they need
  12. it is possible in 0.3b to go in another part of liberty city???
  13. my best jump is 240ft its not very good but
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