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  1. I changed the IP in the .conf file to but it WONT connect to it!! But it still connects to the old one??!! ( Why?
  2. Oh crap... lol what a noob i am!
  3. I dont know why, they are saying we are trying and trying but we cant. Can you try? IP: Port: 2372
  4. I dont even see it unscanned, its just not there..
  5. But i dont even see it on the list, i only see it in Hystory tab.
  6. Sometimes its " " and sometimes its "unscanned". Ive seen the Known Issues thread but it didnt help. I still can connect with the server. It cant be my firewall because its off.
  7. maxn

    Making commands

    How do i make commands like !run !in !sell or something like that?
  8. I am starting it and it says Here is a little vid of this. VIDEO
  9. It says i have a modified client version. Ive read this, but i dont understand anything? It says when before installing get the weapons.dat and .mta out and then replace them? Id ont understand anything!
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