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  1. Put this file http://www.mtasa.com/files/coreconfig.xml in X:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\MTA
  2. Me too. No firewall, all servers unscanned, and if i try connect by mtabeta.com Responds "Connection timed out"
  3. Is normal corpses have a collision? is very annoying when someone died on stairs and is hard climb the stairs. sorry for bad english
  4. ehm.. duke nukem forever coff coff.. ehm..
  5. Preview video of my second map Warehouse S&D - TDM - DM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoSZ3t_INTE soon the .map
  6. It's a quick preview video...nothing more, nothing less . ok, but half video is only freeroam with the plane
  7. Nice map, but the video is no sense
  8. Good tutorial, but... the link for the complete script dont work (not found) http://www.mtasa.com/downloads/script2.lua
  9. Nice Map! true, is better we must wait the release for this
  10. i have uploaded Talco_bikepark http://mta-stats.com/maps/upload/Talco_bikepark.map i'm alrealy work at the next map
  11. Thanks! Now i have added all spawns (23 ) and all pickup i wished put, but i have a question: how i put weapons at the spawn? can we already know the syntax or we must wait the DM editor?
  12. mmm this? http://www.dafont.com/my-puma.font is not same one, or the mta font is only more long, maybe lengthened with photoshop?
  13. This is my First map for DM. The map is a pure deathmatch, when MTA will come released, i will add some pickup and other stuff. The name is Bikepark (temporary)
  14. hehehehe, true, I have not specified this font
  15. What is the name of old mta's font? that of previous layout.
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