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  1. ok now your not making any sense
  2. wtf? you don't even follow GTAT, and you certainly have no idea how it runs... numbers is nothing! seriously check it out and get the facts right before you post. CIA has average ammount of members and is top in total respect and recent anyone who has sa-mp be sure to check it out Respect, PacWarzII P.S. nice sig brophy, how did you make it (what program?)
  3. http://www.gtat.org this was a tournament made for SA-MP It might get converted for MTA:SA:DM Every kill is recorded as 2 respect, there is arena's and races and overall high standard of play! check out site, btw CIA is top clan atm
  4. hi could [CIA] have grove street plz http://gtat.dracoblue.net/index.php?action=gang;iid=156;sa=members - clan list (official) we were a sa-mp gang but as soon as MTA:DM is out we will play on it non-stop!! we have about 21 members, those on link and [CIA]shakal [CIA]Eld1r [CIA]zwiti as big an area around grove street would be cool greetz, .::ALexX::.
  5. yeah i think so too but i didn't like many of the "random pictures" on the main page **cough** plz send me some more!! thanks for the MTA logo, i had to download font and make my own
  6. thanks! i'll be working on more
  7. i was bored so made a banner for MTA:SA you can use them if you like and hope you like them (they take a while to load )
  8. i'd like to see a "search for player" option....so you can search for you buddies and find out where they are
  9. Dunno if this is possible My idea: When you go into a "pay 'n' spray" the marker on the map should go invisible for 1 minute, so in a chase you can quickly pop into it and make a quick getaway! would be awesome!
  10. plz stay ontopic....this is for recruiting, if you wanna give CIA a go when DM is released post something here
  11. I am on the look out for new MTA members so if you catch my eye i'll invite you to the gang
  12. thanks, and will there be a tournemant server like GTAT ??
  13. i look forward to some good gang wars and action!! We will own!
  14. The CIA gang are strictly professional and highly skilled. We recruit people who look good in-game and test them out for about 1 week. We are an extremely successful gang who have been competing heavily on GTAT http://gtat.dracoblue.net/index.php?action=toplist We have constantly held the #1 spot weekly and are the second best clan at the moment overall on this massive tournemant. We will be playing on MTASA:DM a lot so "watch your back people!"
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