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  1. They got me . *No offence
  2. Sing up has been closed days ago. However if others agree we might let you join to have 5 teams at every group. Oh and you sure noticed this is MTA:VC? Yes I know it's on mta:vc =) Let us join, hopefully others will agree
  3. Names: Ronald, Koen Online Names: [db]NoXiuZ, [db]DarkShadow Tag: [db] Meaning: Dark Brothers Info: Hope we can still join the tournament =), We gonna rule =) TOMMIS GL, ps. im daywalker =)
  4. Throne

    [DM] Dutch Mafia

    I failed, check ya later
  5. Throne

    [DM] Dutch Mafia

    I hope they're are active at mta:vc , also I didn't beleave it realy but I'll look for them .. And.. Forums are currently down
  6. Throne

    [DM] Dutch Mafia

    Thanx, We'll try to work on a well organized way
  7. Throne

    [DM] Dutch Mafia

    Dutch Mafia A few years ago we were known as the Dutch Criminals. A few months ago they started out at mta:vc again. We still are playing at mta:vc as you see. We started out at sa-mp and soon MTASA and we want to show our faces again. As the clanname's said we changed it too Dutch Mafia because in sa-mp there's allready a gang [DC] but anyways, We started again with an better organisation than before!.. History: 12-06-2006: Clan started! Servers: Currently under construction.. Recruiting: MTA:SA/SA-MP recruitment: As the clan name's said we will be only recruiting players who can spea
  8. Just take some break and wait some minutes . They will answer. I can tell you only the first step. STEP 1.. Download the windows server or linux if you've got linux:P
  9. Well, if you want to play race than the mta team have got an race mod.. They made it for you so use that if you want a race. That's my opinion
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