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  1. Yeah, already had fraps. Its my computer then, Is there any way of setting the graphics to a lower setting? i already looked in sa's options..
  2. I dont think everyone in the servers are hacking, but when a race starts, everyone goes 2 times faster then i do, how come? Ive got good internet, and ping, and a graphics card.
  3. 2-D

    cant start the game...

    we pirated tha game, so we cant update. LOL....
  4. MTA? i unchecked to install gta 3, error reporter, and server admin. GTA:VC? i didnt install the radio, even though it still plays it
  5. i went to the wiki, it didnt help. i can play normally. i just installed the game, reinstalled 3 times. i get a MTA Error after it crashes.. plz help1! i want to stop playing with myself. *fap*
  6. yeah, well it doesnt make it so the forum says theres a new post there. if i edited my posts by saying that, bad chance of you responding.. Edit: wtf? why is there a delete button there now, but not for my other posts..
  7. yay.. now it crashs after the rockstar logo agian.. sorry for the triple posts, i really wish i could delete my posts.
  8. yay its working now, thanks for your help, or mabye i just needed to wait.. lol i dunno
  9. ...This is really going no where, all i want to know is how the hell am i going to play agian. the game works on one player perfectly. how come i cant fucking use MTA?
  10. Yes.. if that will solve my problem, but i know how to, i dont know what to edit it too..
  11. Im not running a server meh good sir. i just want to play agian..
  12. And what do i do after opening it in notepad..
  13. You mean like 1.0 and 1.1 right? im checking out the wiki now. im doing that DontGetLatest=1 thang. Edit: Well, i dont get that Message of the day thing, but it still crashes after i click Start Multi Theft Auto. Edit.. Agian: Lol, nvm i got the message agian, but why does it say Suspected Trainer Useage? what does that mean. how do i do this?
  14. Yeah.. i just reinstalled vc, because i was having problems even starting the damn game, and now that i reinstalled MTA, and VC, it seemd to work, untill i entered the game, and it froze with this message.. or And then ide get a little 'eh mate your program just crashed, lol' message. we all love those dont we.. Well, how do i fix this. I really enoyed playing online, quite impressive work you fellows put into this. Edit: if it matters, so you dont have to copy it down, the code thingy is :A%?qgEga"Ye\X{T0:)]$,0*=
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