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  1. Things like this will be made easier in the future with GUI freeroam scripts like this: http://www.vcesratt.co.uk/freeroam-gui.png http://www.vcesratt.co.uk/freeroam-gui2.png (Upgrades) Kinda like a personal admin panel i suppose
  2. Lmao, how amusing. Spend like an hour attaching all these trailers to find out when you join each end together mta just gets confused and bails out lol.
  3. It isn't as simple as copying it over, that's just out of the question.. Anyway, remember that this is the first preview, I suspect almost all the bugs you've shown are already fixed by now. And remember, there are good sides to using a race gamemode on deathmatch too, such as added scripts and resources to make races even more exciting.
  4. We already have a mirc script for converting race to dm aswell don't we?
  5. It is possible to continue map editing using race's editor, but you'll then need to convert it to deathmatch's format (theres a mirc script for this) then you'll need to convert the rotation values for objects (theres a resource that does this). You'll have to ask someone else if you can get your hands on these though.
  6. http://www.gameburnworld.com/gp/gamefix ... reas.shtml 2nd from the bottom.
  7. Great to see someone serious about this, as I want to see it done, but I don't like the idea of giving a storyline. I more like the idea of allowing players to create who they want to be from scratch, and building up your own stats, properties, etc.. The part about the bombs etc make it sound like a gamemode to me so..
  8. The screenshots released are thoroughly checked to make sure they don't leak info that isn't intended to be announced just yet, but a clown with his arms folded is hardly a biggy.
  9. The red circle you placed on the minimap would be on that raised road to the right...
  10. Ratt


    Desktop: AMD Sempron 2800+ Gigabyte 7S748-L Motherboard 512mb RAM 80gb Maxtor HDD ATI Radeon 9600xt 256mb Laptop: AMD Sempron 3000+ 768mb RAM 40gb HDD
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