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  1. for some reason i cant view the video
  2. The SA Second Edition is the 2.0 right? and the nomorehotcoffee patch is a 2.0 patch right? ( if you have a 1.01 SA)
  3. you have to have your SA to a 1.0 if yours is a 2.0, it will only work with 1.0 SA
  4. will MTA DM have diffrent costumes or the same as SA-MP?
  5. soo....that means...MTA DM is a mode just everyone for them selves? im confused?
  6. whats the diffrence, between Deathmatch and SA-MP
  7. how big is SA for PC...size like MB or GB.
  8. how big is SA for PC, like in MB or GB?
  9. ok,will it release by christmas?
  10. ok,but it seems pretty close to releasing right?
  11. when does this release???
  12. i locked my nickname and now it says invalid IP match? how can i fix it?
  13. thanks so much for all of your help now i can play
  14. thanks,now its working fine
  15. omg thanks you are my hero for this downgrader now i can play finally
  16. do you have to have the first edition of san andreas to play MTA SA??? because i have the second edition
  17. do i need the core thing to play it? if so how do i get it???
  18. i dont think im running a server then? but how do i fix the anti cheat thing?
  19. is the new New netcode for on-foot synchronization just for online play?
  20. where is the configure file at? i think this is all i need to do, then i can play MTASA