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  1. Hey I just wanted to see how many people will actually play GTA3 MTA 0.4
  2. Hey everyone, I have been gone for the past few months, because I didn't expect MTA 0.4 to come out, but there the other day I log in and there's a whole lot of new news! Man this is really cool, and I can't wait for the new GTA3 MTA. Anyone interested in bands and stuff, I have a new band made, and we now have new forums open. Visit http://www.alostcause.tk for more details. And MTA Team, your doing wicked.
  3. well thats always good to hear can you give us some idea as to when the version will be released, like a month? two?
  4. does GTA 3 have higher requirements than Vice city or what? GTA 3 loads up perfect on my CPU, i was half afraid to get VC because i thought the requirements were higher...
  5. what?? no you cant kill the people in the diablo stallions! i tried a few times, the only way to is make them flip over.
  6. ok heres what you should do: -health meters -names above cares in little lettering -fix the run time errors -synced driveby's synced skidding -better teamplay -for god's sake, DESTRUCTABLE CARS
  7. iunno but if ya ever needs a good pilot, come to me man, i thought you could only go in portland in gta3 mta?
  8. so whats so different about 0.4? man its gonna take like 2 months for them to finish it you know, like mta 0.3b we were waiting a couple of months, but what you mean by pilots?
  9. gta3 has better cars, and there is more to work with, like if you had the same thing for gta3 as you do with VC, like the health meters and everything, that would be wicked, i think you should stick gta3 man
  10. Hey, I haven't been on in a few months, what happened to GTA3:MTA? I was on ASE and there was not one game server for it. Is there an official server or what? Anyone interested in playing this stuff, email me at: jolly_rancher111@hotmail.com So I will be waiting for those emails!
  11. do you guys actually have an official server for GTA3 mta? i looked and i cant connect to any of them, so im guessin they're all vice city...
  12. Man that's sweet, I didn't know you needed to have ASE, some little bugs/errors pop up when i go into 0.3b, but i have seen the credits screen, but have not yet connected to anyone's IP. Will i be able to connect even with these little shitty errors?? And a error also comes up when i try to connect to an IP that doesn't exist.
  13. I have a pretty good idea on 0.4. You should fix all problems in 0.3b and then that will be 0.4. This shouldn't take too long to realease either so u will have more versions than other mods lol.
  14. o man, its only 10:56 here and im in school, when i get home she might be out, if she is, Ill c you on!!!
  15. ive been waiting long like u guys and i want it bring it out
  16. im not seeing any movement in the progress bar - YAY
  17. man i cant wait. i dont really care much for those game modes. will u have to do the car syncing shit??
  18. Hey if anyone would like to help with my page, i need someone who can use flash animator and java, thx. i need someone who can give some time eacvh week and someone who can help with the news. visit http://www.geocities.com/gta3lair[/url]
  19. There is a new forum for my gang. When i get more ppl i will name it. go to http://www.voy.com/145744/
  20. i think you shouldnt disable the dodo, thats the only thing u guys got that GGm dont! i think its cool for someone to sit on the plane and shoot at ppl while someone else flys! thas sweet! dont disable the DoDo!!!
  21. well yeah!! y wouldnt u be able to shoot in it? i was playin, and all of a sudden some guy whips out (HIS PENIS) ummm no he whipped out a rocket launcher and started goin offf da head! the only thing i dont think works is the police arent synced but thats all!!
  22. yah well i think that GGM is doing a good job with their program too. on their first version they had the actor method, shooting and none o f this "getting in and out of 2 cars before you can even do anyhting". I think that im gonna stick to the GGM program before mta v0.3b comes out. But when .3 does come out, i am DEFENITEly going for it, i mean come on, it cant get much better then synced traffic. Cmon mta, bring it on if u want to get GGM, go to http://www.guardians.ch/ggm
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