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  1. well browse servers still doesn't seem to work but when I click on a server on mtabeta.com, then it works ! (well, some didn't, but a few did) the mta devs did well, thankyou
  2. I haven't tried again yet (will later this evening) so I'm not sure if it's working for me yet or not but I get the feeling those kind of comments are the ones they wanted to avoid when they were not releasing this stuff to us. they deserve better than that..... same to the person above you, patience, they are making a mod for a game they don't have the source code to. don't be so rude when the inevitable problems show up...
  3. sorry, you misunderstood the installer says it needs admin access not wine so using sudo doesn't work (already tried that ).
  4. this is with wine http://www.winehq.org/ I don't believe there is a way to do that....
  5. the thing is though, with race it would look like that for about a minute, and then the servers names would appear and how many players are in there with deathmatch, it just stays as unscanned, and doesn't give me a name or how many players are in that server, or anything....
  6. when I try to install this under ubuntu linux via wine, the installer complains giving me this error "the installer needs admin access, try again" anyone know how to get around that ? thnx
  7. yeah, the forceware manager has a firewall.. disabling the manager has no effect also, leaving it to scan seems not to do very much, 5 min on and they are all still unscanned, refresh doesn't give me "couldn't connect to serverlist" after that but i still can't connect to any of the servers, with them giving me a connection timed out...... is there a port that must be forwarded or something ? ..... thnx
  8. hello I installed mta:sa:deathmatch and when i try to browse servers it comes up with a list of "unscanned" servers, all with different pings, but they never change from "unscanned" to their actual names. if I try to connect to one of these unscanned servers then it times out and if I press "refresh" it tells me "couldn't connect to serverlist" I'm running Windows XP, and the NVIDIA ForceWare Network Access Manager.........
  9. ?? go into winecfg -> Graphics -> Emulate a virtual desktop ....
  10. probably a good idea to stop compiz before running any games much less laggy....
  11. gotta love forums (i'm even a moderator for one (forum.compiz-fusion.org))
  12. well more reason to want deathmatch race still doesn't work in linux oh well, I wouldn't have had the time to play it anyway
  13. why's that ?? too many people asing for release dates or something ?? (I never read the comments, that be a wild guess ) as wine continues to compile in the background, such a long process...
  14. I just saw this http://mtasa.com/71.html... (firstly why can't I add a comment to it ??) secondly HELL YES !!!! :D :D I've waited for that for a looooong time infact I'm willing to stay up another hour or so past midnight (even though I have to get up at like 7:00 tomorrow ) just to install the latest version of wine to check this out on my ubuntu box *bursting with excitement :D :D* (this is gonna be such a letdown if it doesn't work for me ) edit : please tell me this works for race version as well ?? :) (just noticed a mention of latest dev version of mta in the post)
  15. unfortunately not there is such a thing for linux (vmware, Xen, i thinks there's others) but they don't support 3d games yet...
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