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  1. I know this is illegal but i do not want to get another copy of GTASA. I have two computer at home and i want to play with my bro. Is there and No CD crack I can use please?
  2. In my GTASA i have the mouse sensitivity really low. But is MTASA Its quite high. How do i change it??? To change the invert its /load mouse invert
  3. I installed it and started it and it load then it say Ver 1.0 not supported. What do i do?
  4. When I start Mta it say 1.0 not supported. What do i do??
  5. I did that but it says the mission and i load it and it goes from the begining
  6. I got a new computer and I'm done beating the game. But save files is on my other computer. I tranfer and User Files and when i opened it, it started from the begining when the save say the last mission you beat. Somebody help me.
  7. But somone said there is no death match yet. is it out??
  8. Jus wondering ... can u go on foot in mta???
  9. Hi guys, I installed MTA today. Its cool. But its only racing. How do you do deathmatches. I have v. 1.1.1
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