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  1. Since nobody could resolve my problem in my other thread, I know my problem is probably because of me placing the files in the wrong folder. Can somebody tell me the exact folders im supposed to put place them in because I think this is the reason I cannot connect onto any servers as my ping is way too high but on the regular mta versions it runs fine.
  2. Thank you appreciate it, was there any luck on finding out?
  3. I'm not sure if im doing it right but my ping is usually too high right now and it's not like that on any other versions besides the nightly build.
  4. I see that you have to install the nightly build manually, may somebody please help me step by step on how to install it because I do not see any instructions.
  5. C-Bullets

    MTA Nightly Build

    I installed it, and for some reason it cannot locate some files but the previous MTA's work. Does anybody else have this problem?
  6. http://www.teamwch.co.nr NOW RECRUITING
  7. Yeah, but on line 155 it is " else {"
  8. I don't see it on line 155. For the betting script right?
  9. How would i do that again cause the gus usally signs me in
  10. It says I need to be level 5 admin to transfer cash but on the gus im level 10.
  11. Thanks. Do I edit mta.mrc or mtagus.mrc?
  12. Can somebody help me out? Where would I add this on my script and in what file?
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