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  1. God d*mn man, 900 objects? I thought it was a 250 object limit. (Guess is doesn't really matter in actual races) Freeroams cant have too much objects which suck
  2. I don't get a word youy saying
  3. Weird, my maps won't upload. Says it isn't a valid xml file?
  4. Glad someone likes it. I think it would help alot and I would love it to be in there.
  5. I already have one. Btw I got a linsys router and all my settngs and what not changed.
  6. Starwars has a weird movie numbers and it is popular, and this wouldn't have happened if I lost my first stunt city.
  7. Well in DM's Map Editor I hope you have something where we can have checkpoints with text above it so we can tell where they would teleport to, and we would set the place where we want the checkpoint to be and where you would teleport to.
  8. My IP changed and totally messed up alot of things, how can i stop this? Old IP: New IP:
  9. Right now I have made 3 stunt citys and starting on my fourth one which will be called Stunt City 1 cause I lost the first one. http://cereal.homeip.net/images/mta.png Download Stunt City 1: Coming after I am done with stunt city 4. Download Stunt City 2: http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=4070 Download Stunt City 3: Coming after I am done with stunt city 1. Download Stunt City 4: Coming once I am done with stunt city 5. Downlaod Stunt City 5: Last map and will be released with Stunt City 4.
  10. Why the f**k do you need 40 gig? 10 gig works. Hell, 5 gig. They just want your money. OMG lets spend $2300 on a pc just to run windows that is sh*t!!!!!!
  11. I need a simple script for MTA:SA. I just need something so I can login with my normal remote admin user, pass, and port so Ican set the welcome message and add commands. Say I want to tell people where to upload there map, or tell them what my site is. I can add upto 10 of these: ! and it will come out like this in the colour orange: And no I do not want the mtagus.mrc thing. I want a script that ONLY does this! Thanks!
  12. Problem fixed, I set my IP to the wrong number(s)
  13. Every other server I go into works, and SAMP servers as well
  14. It external and I already asked someone to find it in the MTA Server List and also connect with my external IP and nothing works. I can only connect to my server with the localhost as my host.
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