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    many lol
  1. mouta

    recording video

    ok!... Thanks a lot brulla
  2. mouta

    recording video

    Thanks a lot brulla... btw is it too dificult to use? lol
  3. mouta

    recording video

    hey guys, i forgot to ask you... what about a image editor to edit my screenshots and to create my on gta images, just to make some like the one that brulla has in his reply... lol thank you for the programs suggestion btw
  4. mouta

    recording video

    Hi i know that i sownd like a noob but... do you know any good video recording software? and any good & easy video editor ( not windows movie maker lol) please help the noob!!! lol
  5. hi i´ve put this in my config.xml file: http://center.mtasa.com that contains thousands of user created maps. How to edit this file: - The tag should contain a link to an RSS feed that contains a list of maps. The format for this RSS feed can be found on our wiki: http://www.mtavc.com/docu - The tag should contain how often the feed should be downloaded and read. This value is in seconds. The minimum value for this is 60 seconds. - The should contain a relative path to download maps to. If run from the MTA Server install directory, this should probably be mods/race/maps. - T
  6. thank you and sorry for bothering you, now ive done it... thank you a lot
  7. it doesnt help too much... sorry, if anyone can tell me how it works...
  8. mouta


    it doesnt help too much... sorry, if anyone can tell me how to do it...
  9. My IP CHANGED!!!!!! why did my ip changed? before it was but now it is how did this happened? how can i put it the way it was? i think i know why it changes because i've just removed (again) my usb cable from my modem and it changed again, now it is how can i put it the way it was?
  10. how does that rss thing works? where can i download the maps through this thing, im confused!!! HELP!!!
  11. hi! im a newbe in the servers business, so i wanted to know if someone can tell me how do i put the !ratemap system in my server and how do i leave messages atomaticly, for example... when i enter a site and i recieve an automatic message saying for example: "welcome to my server for more information contact bla bla bla..." thanks and sorry for my engrish lol!!!
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