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  1. ricksta

    Jumping planes!

    Wow, this is one deeeeeead forum.
  2. turning all firewalls off still down help the problem.
  3. same problem, no firewalls
  4. This is really annoying now, i cant even get the IPs off game-monitor coz only like 3servers are on it
  5. Same problem with mta race and the new MTA:SA. the names never come up and i cant connect to any but i can connect if i go to game-monitor.com and get the IPs...... Pic: http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j309/ricky-woo/mtanotWORKING.png Please fix it, its so annoying -.- its the only reason i dont play MTA race BTW no firewalls and stuff are blocking mta.
  6. You guys are mean they do whats best for the game they do it for us not for them selfs they do it because they love us <3 so make it 3 years just because they got big harts and a busy life and its require not requre Actually, it's themselves not them selfs. Actually it's hearts not harts. I do agree with your post tho Actually it is though not tho lol!
  7. i no. ive reinstalled vc and tryed it and it works fine single player what shud i do next?
  8. yea ive turned norton off and no i sed its a new 1
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