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  1. LOL dont wanna be mean and call you a noob but lets say you do a trcik. 1st when you perform your trick in vice city press f1 when your done it will show you a replay , but u need to record this so go to http://www.fraps.com *note it will cover a lot of disc space!
  2. zajebisty


    dude who cares about that , let them spend there most time on mta sa dm it will rock your socks off
  3. a: yes i use a bunch of rabbits as more core q: any polish people here?
  4. ok dude chill out omg dhill im just saying it would be cool in mta, why do you think that css is popular douche? chill i like css aznd i love mta just trying to make it popular!
  5. zajebisty

    [CSS] MOD

    ok the dude chill it was just an idea ur like whats the point im not asking aeron im asking for help from other ppl
  6. ya i think its really good because of detail the only thing is change writing so it stands a little more out abit because that would be a great banner but we would need a new forum template
  7. im kind of figuring out how memory adresses comunicate with the mta client through packets but i was wondering if a memory adress could be added and if a spray like on css could be down so if someone is killed then ppl can spray sprays and stuff!
  8. yea that would be sweet for all the ppl who have integrated graphics but , im 6800 gs oced so im coo i think it would benefit the ppl who are using vice city still and if it wouldnt hurt to make a blue core version!
  9. 1st: reinstall vice city and try reinstalling mta if this doesnt work folow 2nd 2nd: i heard ppl go here, REMOVED but i do not advise going there because they have viruses and there gay! 3rd: just buy the fing game!
  10. ya its just not if your ports are open are you behind a router and also you should just reformat and dont use a router i mean when i reforatted every single part o my pc was fast and i can get amazing speed now just try uninstakllliung firewall and reinstall a new one and unclock ports if not then im not sure! 1st: choice see if ur behind a router 2nd: uninstall firewall and reset ports and open up again 3rd: reinstall windows!
  11. OMFG ijs and the rest of the mta team you guys rock ! love your ideas and the stability is looking really playable because in vice city its really hard for new ppl to play with the skipping but i just love you guys and thanks for working on this mod!
  12. ya in order to have peds you would have to have like a dual 100 mbit connection and have alot of cpu becauise tones of peds would be going all over the place and you would have to develop a complex permanent clock that syncs with every players cleint!
  13. 1st :I am hosting any type of mta server i am thinking of hosting a MTASA server and once DM comes out i will also do that ! I am looking for responsible admins and ppl who would like to submit maps and even ideas and scripters please msg me if u are interested! 2: I am planning on making an mta:sa DM : counter strike map! With runds please help me ive gotten through to basic maps! mSG ME if interested! 3rd: need Hosting msg me glad to help u!
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