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  1. Actually, it clearly is a fake. I could have made a better one too. He forgot to photoshop the points! Heh. 23 kills zero points! Sad. I was expecting at least a faked screenshot that it didnt take 2 seconds to tell. Also were is the connection dialogs., The server dialogs? Its a poorly dont sceenshot and if you blow up the pictiure you can clearly see the text is not the same pixelation as the rest the image it was added later. I am talking about the bottom part of the screen. Also the radar is incorrect. It shows 3 enemies when there is only 1! Also why is the enemy fbi agent not even loo
  2. Odd its been 3 days now and no screenshot and not a word from trunksttom, he must have fallen into the same blackhole as draco.
  3. Awesome screenshots on your site! Hey everyone go check out the amazing screenshots he posted yesterday. NOT Dude trunkstorm yet again you have nothing. You didnt even post an excuse/explaination as to why you didnt post these screenshots. What happened this time? Did dracoblues electricity get shut off?
  6. Manix heh, A month and a half to complete the easiest part? If you saw the status page everything but the gui was either 100% or 90% done and that was on the 27th. Also seeing as Draco was last posting on the 29th, why the heck did he not know it was not going to be released the next day but still needed a month and a half more? I mean come on. Does he think we are fools. Either his status page is a total lie, or the whole project is. There is no way he could have been 100% done with the hard parts in less time than the simple part will take him. BTW Id like some screenshots of something tha
  7. My post about xerox had to do with his wish to run my ass over as he posted in ggm forums for posting about how I liked ggm over gta3t (non existant) and when I was mad these forums were locked.
  8. Could you guys just shut up about whether the gta3t mod is real or not? Oh, and stop dissing the mods while you're at it. Thanks. Stop dissing the other mods? Um. Where have you seen me dissing ggm? In fact I have said its a great mod. ggm is of course not bug free as its a .1 beta. But for what it is its damn impressive. As a matter of fact the thing that p*ssed me off so much about gta3t is they try and make their mod look like its light years ahead of the REAL mods and they are in effect saying that they can code faster and better than mta and ggm. Have you seen what features they were cl
  9. Glad to see im not the only one who sees that gta3t is full of sh*t. Trunks responses make no sense. I know there are a** kissers here like Xerox who will always try and warp what trunk says into something reasonable, but it clearly is not. Trunk and Draco be men and admit that you bit off more than you could chew. Pay your respect to ggm and mta who did what you could not! My prediction is now that trunk somehow loses his internet and can no longer respond to the growing realization that gta3t is a hoax.
  10. http://web5.p15131726.pureserver.info/w ... &styleid=1 That is one of the threads were he makes his odd claims that draco can go online at his friends house and post to the ggm forums, but cant respond to questions at his own forums. He also admits he has only tested an old version of this program that is now 100% done except for GUI stuff according to their own status page. He claims that it is not possible to burn the code to a cd or any other media and upload it at the university or his friends house. It just goes on and on. When I tried to be resonable with him and get a sane answer
  11. Xerox, gta3t has refused to post a single screenshot, a single movie, Trunk first says draco has no inet access, then he says he can access other forums but not his own. Then he says that the coding is complete and only working on GUI then he says he has only tested an old version not the one that was suppose to be released. His story changes every day. You point out these inconsistencies on his forum and instead of showing them not to be true he locks out your account. Multi Theft Auto exists. GGM Exists, GTA3t does not. For example Trunk here says NOW that draco can post to the GGM forums f
  12. tintin

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    Heh this from a kid who apparently watches that southpark cr*p. Grow up.
  13. tintin

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    Heh, You only show YOUR lack of maturity and professionalism by closing the forums. Imagine if a company was tired of the same question on their customer support lines so they jsut shut down customer support. I guess this is what happens when teenagers who can only program in VB try and take on a project. Any real programmers have at least a clue when a BETA release of their product would come out. Maybe a gold release that is expected to be pretty bug free might have to wait, but not a beta. I find it very funny when we get these young interns in our company and we have to fire them even
  14. Funny how his "internet probs" dont stop him from posting to the ggm forums just yesterday, but keep him from posting on his own. How odd.
  15. Draco seems to hate his own forums he refuses to post there. He has 1 post at his own forums and 14 at the ggm forums. look ggm stats http://www.guardians.ch/cgi-bin/ib/ikon ... 1049212926 gta3t stats http://web5.p15131726.pureserver.info/w ... boardid=0& Maybe he is really a ggmer in disguise trying to mess with peoples minds.
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