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  1. eeezi

    O...ooo ..ooo

    OO niiiiiiiiiiice joke ... pff i have just read it MYSELF, why did u have TO REPLY, i wanted to delete the topic and nooo cant delete because someone replied
  2. eeezi

    O...ooo ..ooo

  3. Yup i made... Funny i see me not on thank-you list
  4. my banner is up, close this one please?
  5. this is very easy to do, but I am owning at Photoshop:)
  6. eeezi


    Hello , i'm the guy who made the banner at mtasa.com. No1 knows me really ,but i love designing. So i use PhotoShop CS2 and i had nothing really to do so tried to make some logos for MTA. Maybe they are not the best , but it is just like 5 minutes of work : So what you think about them? If the MTA team likes my work, i could design some logos for ya-
  7. eeezi

    Yah my banner is up

    I just check mtasa.com and see my banner Then i did good work i think
  8. eeezi


    I don't want to be mean , but it seems it taking so long with the DM. Ok guys i know it's hard and so on , but there were like no news on the hope page since one month ( 10th May ) . I just want to say that i can't wait till it comes out. The screens were awsome and i hope the game itself will run as good as the screens show us. Anyways , nevermind , i just like to thank all programmers and other guys for doing this. I really hope GTA4 will not have a multiplayer , because no1 can do it better then you! PS: Can't wait till i can shoooooot
  9. This is the very very new one. And this is if u wanna see it good with the template lol?
  10. I've gotta post the new one's tomorrow on 6th May morning. Im too sleepy atm
  11. the only thing i dislike is that red multi You would like it just white?
  12. eeezi


    Ok here's the suggestion : Intro I was playing GTA:SA (Single Player) and some cops were chasing me as i was driving a limousine. And then a idea came throught my mind ... Idea So the idea is : the boss of a gang or just a mafia boss is sitting in the limousine and he is not driving the car , because a bodyguard is. Around the car are some gangsters defending the car as the "first front line". So the boss's mission is to get to a checkpoint ( there's only one or maybe 2-3). And there are cops (as SWAT team or FBI etc). The cops's mission is to eliminate the boss before he reaches the che
  13. i just want dm, i can download dual weapons mods etc whenever i want dude
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