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  1. Wel i dont now i go in the server from Teamspeak but the game server i wil join in someday
  2. You meen we author player from a author Clans or only the clan members
  3. Wel you wil see me thene whene i dont now
  4. Yes wel our multiclan have only 2 player for MTA SA but we also want a HQ but first i think we need more members
  5. Is dat a open server or only for clan members
  6. So this a thing like a Clanwar with your own HQ and is it possible to ply with more clans or only 2 and if i want to play with a clan do i have to make a appointment
  7. GL no never hear about it Srry
  8. So al the time if you going in the server you need 5 player for 1 time
  9. So you meen i can place my back up files back before i reinstal the game i back up the files. so i can replace theme only not the Handlig file or i have to change every time to Old to new
  10. Wel whe have the games Like Half Life 2 and Counterstrike Source and Darkthrone and C&C Renegade and the mods from GTA SA that are MTA:SA and GTAT That game we have now and there wil be comeing more if ppl join. but wy wouldt we not grow wy shut that be bether
  11. Wel i want to join but dont have 5 members and i must say this to the Clan Leader. But i want a HQ
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