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  1. North

    Odd Bug: Opera and MTASA

    I don't know why, but this problem disappeared for now. Maybe it was the latest update of Opera the last few days, I just realized it.
  2. Hi, since 1-2 weeks, I have a strange bug. When I start MTASA, it repeatedly lags about 2 seconds. As sonn as I get to the menu screen and start moving my mouse, it's like this: - 2 seconds fluid (my mouse moves) - 2 seconds break (screen freezes) - 2 seconds fluid - 2 seconds break and so on... it stops after a while (max. 1 minute) and I'm able to play. I found out, this strange thing is caused by Opera Browser. When I close Opera, this bug is gone. I tried it with chrome and iexplorer. No problem. I reinstalled Opera, reinstalled MTA. The problem remains. And just this minute I
  3. It would be nice, if you could change your prefered Refresh Rate in the settings/video menu. (Example)
  4. Hi, are there start parameters for the multitheftauto.exe ? I want to auto-join a server like this: "mta.exe /server="
  5. I've got the same problem. I put the strings 'username' and 'serial' in my registry which makes me able to start the game! But when I try to join my local server, the message "Invalid serial" occurs ingame. Thats true, the serial-string in my registry is empty, because I don't get a serial in my mtabeta account page. It says 'None'. Would it be possible to tell me a random serial? I just want to play on my LAN!
  6. It is the only criticism I have about MTA:Race. This happens to me too, here and there. But I don't think it's a lag due to any client. I would say it's the result of a not mature netcode used in MTA:Race. I say this because I believe, gather from the news and blogs, it will be a lot better in MTA:DM.
  7. As far as I know, the CPUID only contains model and stepping information and not a unique identifier for each CPU.
  8. North

    Watch it

    I like your movies especially the 4th the trailer But megaupload sux. Its to slow to me. Lol third is funny Im german too I unstand second link is out of order . .
  9. Hi! First, I like the auto-refresh when u enter the browse-server tab. this save a few seconds of my whole life! But, could u do that, once the servers are loaded, stop auto-refresh? For instance, I connect to a server but after a short time I want to change the server. I disconnect, go to the browse-server tab and wanna chose another server of the list, but the list disappears and autorefresh. The time I saved before due to autorefresh at beginning is going lost now due to autorefresh!! ... Please do that, and I will love you
  10. Hi, I spend some time thinking how to act against cheaters. You could include an accountsystem what means, every player have to login (ingame) to get on a server. For that you don't even have to setup a whole new registrationsystem, you could use the existing system to login on your forum. If an admin picks out a cheater, he can ban his account. I know, that doesn't mean a permanent ban from playing mta. The banned player just have to registrate a new account. But for that, he'll need a new email-adress in the first place! I think that will doin a lot of players prevent from cheating. Just
  11. North


    Is there a way to turn off the special effects in game? I mean that blur effects, u know? It really slows down my graphic card..
  12. BTW: Howto start a vote for a random map? I dont have a clue.
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