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  1. I will make one afap (as fast as possibe). My server is running so I got the time to test it field33(P). I made them.
  2. I want to share my new map, Parking Drift. Download it here! It's an drift map in an parking garage, at the beginning there are waterfalls and more, at the ending you don't die in the water (you get at the finish an vortex). Hope you like it. Screenshots (click it to enlarge them):
  3. Can anybody make an last man standing snippet that I can integrate in another gamemode (not teambased)? If an player dies, it must spawn in the next map. Thanks in advance.
  4. NO WAI!! seriously now, the map editor works on vista too Will the race editor dll run on DM?
  5. and if i want to edit one, i should use the race editor? DO YOU GOT RESPECT FOR WINDOWS VISTA USERS? Is it also possible to get an beta? Thanks.
  6. The MTA:SA DM map editor won't work. If I try to click it, its says that it can't load the map editor resource. Can anybody send it to me? Thanks.
  7. field33


    I played it normal, and my VC is an clean install. And i played Single Player and after it MP.
  8. field33


    I'm back, after some times. MTA will not work since i don't know. It crashes at loading VC. So I don't play it on this moment, before MTA:blue is out.
  9. Okay, i think about it... I reply if I want it, Oli.
  10. field33

    !jail command

    I know it, but that's gone automatiliccy. Sorry.
  11. I'm just LONG waiting for MTA 0.5.1. MTA 0.5 is with many bugs that irritate me. Are you also waiting?
  12. field33

    !jail command

    But I also need it. It could be a problem...
  13. field33

    !jail command

    But I also need it.
  14. field33

    !jail command

    But I also need it.
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