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    did u place the downgrader inside the gta sa directory and did u run it?
  2. Try them! the most Xp drivers also work on w2k and w2k3
  3. you need to have the original handling.cfg installed. just search for it inside this forum, there are enough topics about client veryfication!
  4. can somebody lend me the data of his/her vehicles.ide please? it is just because http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=16641 I'm currently deinstalling all game specific mods and recognized that the file I saved as "orig_vehicles.ide" long time ago was already modded. I need a nonmodded original GTA:SA file, nothing else
  5. ever tried to connect directly to a server?
  6. (sorry for spampost)
  7. mine aint that fast, but nearly every other driver who hits me does more damage to me, than he should be getting by banging me and the other way around. still trying to avoid collisions, but that nearly imposible on 32slot servers @spawn. and yeah i have full 25fps and run the standart models
  8. wow, dude! For me this feels like a realy big compensation for all the sync bugs in current beta release. Nice to know now what people can expect for the future. *praise* Not interested in some serious new alpha-testers?
  9. huh, my liteon dvd-drive doesn't even support the reading of Sub-Channel Data.
  10. I got a stpuid 3 yo Lite-on DVD drive and have no other. Fixed my connection problems by changing HANDLING.cfg back to original, as far as I now know its the only thing that has to be done to make MTA verification work But if mod/cheat/whatever -detection changes in next version I`ll have to make sure that I got a dvd with non corupt install files. thx for all the comments
  11. the only problem is that it is pretty hard to KILL gta:mta:sa *g* wehn GTA got error/ crashed and the anti-minimize-function is still running. People who realy wanna start external progs, can still go over ctrl+alt+del and run some macro.
  12. this should go out to more people Had same problem, but couldn't reinstall GTA (DVD got too much scratches). Everybody told me to reinstall or in my case even rebuy the game (or send in DVD), but I just desperately changed HANDLING.cfg and everythings fine now, except some stupid car mods (some modded cars flip over earlier than original ones)
  13. tried 640x480 32bit? <---game looks crapy, but if this doesn't work you have a problem
  14. it can be modded, u just have to make sure u're running the original HANDLING.cfg file. Works for me
  15. I just found out that MTA works with every server as long as the handling.cfg is original, everything else can be modded. (works for me)
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