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  1. First of all !en. Secondly, how many times do people have to say, there isn't any competition between any of the mods. The mod developers only release their mods when they feel comfortable, not to get an release advantage over anyone else.
  2. lol, my bad, didn't look at the date Codename's fault :@
  3. Look forward to more news
  4. Nice, I'll probably register later mate, going out in a minute.
  5. shibz!

    MTA GTA 1 -2 London?

    There's already a few multiplayers out for them I think, somewhere.
  6. shibz!

    Which one?

    Hmm, my bad. Clicked archive, forgot about MTA:SA r1 at top
  7. shibz!


    I've always had that on since 0.1. But yeah, might just be me not used to it. Thanks anyway.
  8. shibz!


    Not much faster, it may be because I'm used to be being a bit slow since I last played Vice City on my old computer, but, I'm getting quite a high number of FPS. I don't know the exact amount as I haven't used fraps or anything so.
  9. shibz!


    Elo. Well it's been about a year since I've played MTA 0.5. Miss the days tbh. But yeah, to the point. I re-installed it earlier for the first time in ages, I got in Vice City, and I'm now on a new computer as my old one broke down on me The problem is, it might be me, or I seem to be going a bit faster than usual (I.E: Getting into cars, running). Now, I know I'm not running any speedhacks or anything like that as I've only just installed Vice City aswell, and well, I just cba with stuff like that. Now my computer is a lot faster than my old one, I'll post the specs: I'm a bit confuse
  10. shibz!


    No, Windows only.
  11. You're looking for a PHP script. I think I've seen a few posted here.
  12. Agreed, I can't understand him
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