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  1. Man, figured I would just drop by and tell you guys to keep up the good work!
  2. Are you 100% sure you only have 256 objects in 600x600? You could try moving big parts away from eachother and build a road between them instead.
  3. Lol, norton says it is a virus... Trojan.vundu.B but for some reason I REALLY doubt gta place host files with virus.
  4. Can't download 0.5 from gonnaplay anymore and I cant find anything on google so if someone could post me a link to a safe download or maybe upload it somewhere I would really appriciate it.
  5. Tadaaaaa http://www.rarhost.com/download-61iyeu.html
  6. Tada! http://www.rarhost.com/download-4fbwl4.html
  7. Sry, but I dont have the maps anymore I know one person that has them but he cant find them.
  8. Hedning

    TDMA Area69

    Created a few months ago actually but got some problem with it, anyway here it is. The map has 3 moving objects, some teleporters and random pickups. And a few sanchez. The script is created with help from AlienX, Norby89, Lucif3r ages ago when I didnt know anything 'bout lua. Swat vs Army http://www.rarhost.com/download-cpvez7.html Cant upload it to mtabeta get this error: Uploading failed due to following errors: * One or more gamemodes this map says to be compatible with do not exist: tdma
  9. guiSetVisible( joinInfos, false ) to guiSetVisible( exitButton, false )
  10. http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... SetVisible its all there
  11. getElementByType http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... entsByType ex: for k,v in ipairs(getElementsByType ( "cylinder" )) do markerGrav[k] = {} markerGrav[k].red = getElementData ( v, "red" ) markerGrav[k].green = getElementData ( v, "green" ) markerGrav[k].blue = getElementData ( v, "blue" ) markerGrav[k].cylinder = {} for i,j in ipairs(getChildren ( v, "cylinder" )) do markerGrav[k].cylinder[i] = {} mark
  12. Hedning

    tabbed gui

    Remember to put this client side! function serverInfo () helpTab = guiCreateWindow ( 0.25, 0.25, 0.5, 0.6, "Select character", true ) helpGridList = guiCreateGridList ( 0.0, 0.10, 0.18, 0.4, true, helpTab ) addEventHandler ("onClientGUIClick", helpGridList, chooseHelp ) column = guiGridListAddColumn ( helpGridList, "OHHH TEXT: ", 0.85 ) local press = guiGridListAddRow ( helpGridList ) press = guiGridListSetItemText ( helpGridList, press, column, "press moi", false, false) end addEventHandler ("onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource
  13. 3. open console|mark text|ctrl + c
  14. Search and you will find more topics with the same question.
  15. Hedning


    Write /kill in the chat and it should help.
  16. You could use 10000+ objects in your map as long it's only 250 objects in 600x600.
  17. http://wiki.mtasa.com/index.php?title=S ... tup_Guides
  18. Yes, ofc you need the actual game....
  19. Hedning

    which gta should i get...

    Buy the second one IF it is version 1
  20. race doesnt work on vista.
  21. viewtopic.php?f=61&t=15151
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