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  1. Could you please provide further details of what's broken? It is like this : the greenzone have the same size and same position ; but when u enter it u have no mesege that u entered safe zone and u still can use you weapons
  2. im not a profesional but i love new chatbox ;D but one question ; i had resource ''greenzone'' in my server after i instaled this version it does not work anymore i instaled 1.0.3 again and it works with 1.0.3 ; it there any way to fix it ?
  3. hmmm i admit that i am wrong if he will make his map publick because i thougt that he is just advertising his server in wrong section ; i didnt wanted to advertise my server ,for real i just thinked why he posted there about his server and noone remove it ; so ; if he make it publick then i wrong )
  4. Ilidan

    what is that >

    no we was playing in server and then players said ''oh my screen is black" and ;mine was not ; tehn i restarted server and get taht mesege in server apnel ; ih never mind still the problem is gone ; its good that i good copy of all mta files ;D
  5. idkn what u asked (my english isnt good) but im making a server where players can play in it like that member did if i can realease anything then is is only my maps because i am good only in it i got good ideas in scripting but its hard for me to make them ''alive''
  6. Ilidan

    what is that >

    idkn i just replaced it with new one ^^ and now it works perfect
  7. but u said it is in progress (and that user said this) but i was able to conect that server ''Insane zombie map'' ^^ 2 days before posting and 2 days while posted ; i know u cant check every post like that one and does his server started even it has to be in progress but if u move all ''not in place'' then i think it should have no diferent are server in progress or not becaouse stii server isnt resouce ^^ i do no teach you (and i have no rights to do this) but this situation couse me disapoitment becosue it was not right
  8. Ilidan

    what is that >

    thanks u both ) kevin isnt smart to change sounds ''good'' ^^ i found that my acl.xml file was full of this s.h..i..t "[num][num][num]....and so on..." or something similar and all was black list ; i know how to use that file but it crashed it self unconsciously
  9. Ilidan

    what is that >

    Error parsing Acces Control List file ? what means that ?
  10. so it seems it hepened ; it would be nice from moderators side if they move all post ''not in place'' because i posted about my server in resource part (i knew that thas isnt right ; iwas testing) and similar post from other player was there before for 2 days... my post was moved in 1~our and other post-noone moved it ^^ discrimation it is just not right that is truth
  11. my question would be this : is it posible that i posted one thing here and u moved it into other direction of forums ?
  12. thank u wery much ;D because if this helps at least for one man then it is good thing )
  13. NOTE this is script for not pvp servers ; if u kill enemy u will be dead too i wont call even this recource but this make game just if u do not want kiling in u server i saw meny times kids admins that can make nothing to imortal hackers that kills other players ; now with this ''resource'' hacker or just team kiler will be dead himsef after he kills someone ; KILLER ALSO WILL GET -5000$ MONEY FROM HIS TOTAL CASH By the way someone told ''just turn of friendly dmg on client side'' ;first - thanks ; second - no ; next imagine situation ; my friend is standing surounded by 20 zombies and i j
  14. It is not my script ; but still it is great script ; ok today i will put best of my jobs ) (i was busy with server few days ; one file crashed in my mistake so that s why i didnt upload them so long )
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