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  1. because a friend and i are going to rome and we want to play in the bus MTA against each other
  2. NO IT ISNT LAN lan is this: INTERNET | ROUTER-----other pc at home | MY PC but i mean this: LAPTOP--------LAPTOP
  3. i have soon a server on my laptop. ik can play on my server. an other guy has also a laptop and we wanted to connect the laptops with a crossed cable. if he is connected can he just got to my server? is it for him possible to connect to my server with QUICK CONNECT? ??? kipjr
  4. i mean that you can open the hatch and someone else can get into in and gets teleported to a dimension or something.
  5. at the back of the adromada there's a hatch, you can open it with your viewbuttons. but why can't you store your bike in it. it will not work. maby it is cool if you can store someone's bike in it.
  6. I am building my own village called Appelscha and I am stuck because I can't built anymore. I have built the road in front of my house, grass and some houses, I also built the mainroads and now I am stuck. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE REMOVE OR CHANGE THE OBJECT LIMIT?????? BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE WANT TO BUILT MORE OBJECTS ->>> I have only one question: How did Rockstar built GTA San Andreas with that object limit or didn't they have it.<<<-
  7. i had this problem also-it isn't the object limit but it is the position. you can't built anything near (-)9999.99 or higher_it's another stupid limit. just buillt your objects far away from positon (-)9999.9999 (X,Y,Z). Ex. built a house on 225.6598 -546.548 23.54854
  8. YOU ARE SUCH A BABY WHEN YOU SAY THAT of EXPLODING BOMBS.................IT IS A GAME.....................that hears with it... GOODLUCK
  9. I have a static ip, the number is _____________________________________________________________ IN MY ROUTER: i have found something stupid and maby it is solved. i typed istead of typed the ip of the gateway instead of my local ip adress. IT IS SOLVED TNX TO PORTFORWARD.COM AND 0815-racer
  10. hi, i dont have any firewall here, only a router or something. this is my ip - port 22003 - server name: KIPJR RACE AND FIGHT SERVER i dont know if i have a static or a dinamic ip ........... NOTE (i tried my server on school - and at school everyone could play my server)
  11. hi, I have a thing that's called: Thomson speedtouch 546 and one cable come's from the splitter to the modem/router/speedtouch546 and the others are connected to the computers from the modem/ router/ speedtouch546- I have set all my ports of mta to open: 22003,44003,22126 on UDP and TCP. a friend of mine tried again to join my server by typing my ip and mta port but nothing works.... he still gets a message: CONNECTION TIMED OUT
  12. SERVER WORKS because i tested it by LOCALHOST. I have a modem who splits my internet connection to 2 different computers. everyone who was trying to connect to my server on got the message: connection timed out - What's that ??? What can i do about it or what could that person do about it ? __________________________________________________________
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