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  1. These are newer Intel integrated graphics, which can be quite surprising (I know a friend who owns a laptop with one of these, and it runs GRID 2 on medium, native resolution and above 40fps...) but most people,especially in MTA, have the older, extremely crappy, intel integrated GPUs.
  2. RiD

    My MTA looks fuzzy

    You're probably running on a low resolution. Start MTA, go to Settings, go to the Video tab and choose the highest resolution (larger number) available (also x 32, not x 16!). If It lags too much, try first setting the FX quality to Low, and disabling Volumetric Shadows if they are activated. If it's still laggy, then slowly reduce the resolution so that you can find a balance between "fuziness" and overall game response (FPS - Frames Per Second).
  3. RiD

    Green Candy

    That is almost as awesome as my avatar and sign! Good work, I can't wait for it!
  4. That's an optional feature in the freeroam resource. Go to freeroam folder, then open meta.xml with your favorite text editor. Scroll down until you see It's probably true in your meta.xml, so change it to false.
  5. first 2013 quotewall post. i deserve the internet
  6. RiD


    It still doesn't help. Try reinstalling mta (www.mtasa.com)
  7. RiD

    Color Correction

    The fact that it's not even ingame (it's video editing) makes it even more useless.
  8. RiD

    Color Correction

    Please, this is not the most appropriate place to showcase this. And it's not an ingame color correction,, so I believe none of us is interested in such thing.
  9. what you're asking is very complex and not sure how doable it is. You better just grab the original model from GTA SA and edit it on 3DS Max or Zmodeler (you can cut, rescale, etc). And then export it again to MTA. Why go complicated if you can keep it simple?
  10. June 6, 2005 was the real release date of GTA SA. Or June 7, depending on where you live.
  11. RiD

    GTA 5!

    I think GTA 5 is part of an FBI secret operation, where they intend to control young minds by using inversed psychology on the game
  12. RiD

    Translators Needed

    I think this one is better translated, it's up to you guys to decide that one is portuguese brazillian, not european. So it's two different languages. Like UK english and US english
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