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  1. Its a Zyxel Prestige 660H! I think it is a router and a DSL modem... I have xDSL with 3mbit+fastpath.
  2. Ok i have tested the ports now. Here are the results: Port 22126 TCP- filtered (by router firewall?) http://www.prntscrn.net/img.php?img=1.jpg Port 22126 UDP- opened (but it took 59 seconds to scan!!) http://www.prntscrn.net/img.php?img=2.jpg Port 22003 TCP- filtered Port 22003 UDP- opened (needed 1min2sec to scan!!) I scaned the UDP ports yesterday and they needed only 12sec! Maybe the Master-Server thinks that my server is dead because it needs too long to respond? But why is that so?? I have DSL+fastpath...
  3. Do you have a home server? Yes the port is correct. You can change the server settings in the "mta server.cfg"-mta sa/mods/race/mta server.cfg. EDIT: remo Admin is not enabled on your server, you can enable it in the mta server.cfg;)
  4. Sorry for double post but i have some important news. Hmm today a "Warmach" joined my server....maybe the ASE works?? Can somebody try to find my server in the server Browser? Name: [RUS|GER|ENG] KiViKs MTA:SA Racing Server//visit http://www.makersnet.de IP:
  5. My server is called [RUS|GER|ENG] KiViKs MTA:SA Racing Server//visit http://www.makersnet.de I also tried AAAAAAAA but it didn´t help. Yes i run the dedicated server from an seperate PC, but both PCs use the same Internet connection.(split by a router)
  6. Where can i see if the server is in the DMZ or not? I think this is why my server does not appear in the server browser.... When i add my server to game-monitor.com it says that the server is allready in the database... Yes. It says "All Seeing Eye listing enabled. Port 22126 (UDP) must be accessable from the internet. Racer, i saw that you have played on my server? Thanks. Was the ping ok?
  7. What is DMZ? I have fastpath...thats all. I cant configurate my router and i also cant buy a new one because i do not have the configuration data.
  8. No, its still not working. Do you also have a home-server with a router?
  9. Thank you for your replys. I have tested the server with a freind now, he could connect to my server via quick connect. He connected to the external IP. But the server still does not appear in the server browser or on game-monitor.com! My friend also couldnt see the server in the server browser! So the server also uses UDP ports?(A sandwich used TCP Ports for the server and Remote Admin) I have tried to run the server on the ASE Port 22126 and on the Remote Admin port 44003. I could connect with the internal IP, no matter which port was set. So the ports are all right? The Remote Admi
  10. No i think the 22003 port must also be UDP! Its normal that ypu cant see your own server in the server list. If other people also cant see your server than you must check your "All seeing Eye" configuration.(config file) And you must open the ASE port as an UDP.
  11. How can i change maps on my server?(ingame) What command should i use?
  12. This happens to me too, since i patched to 1.1.... Why does the server kick you? Cheating? If yes, disable Anticheat in mtaserver.conf (mods>race) # AntiCheatEnabled # Required: No (defaults to 1) # Purpose: Defines whether anticheat is enabled or not. # Format - AntiCheatEnabled <1/0> AntiCheatEnabled 0
  13. Hi. I have the same problem like A sandwich! All ports a opened (my ISP said that....i cant cofigurate my router because its locked by my ISP...Austria ) software firewall is disabled. But it still does not work! I have a separate PC were the server is running. The configuration of the server must be OK because an other Server Tool, wich is running on it, works great!(no they are not using the same ports) So something is wrong with the MTA tool. My problems are. 1.I cant see my server on game-monitor.com (i searched for the external and the internal IP) 2. I havent tried it yet but i t
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