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  1. Thats not really what I was asking for. But that page does seem useful. But in the server configuration file you have to set players names, password, and level in order for them to login while they are playing on the server. But how? Here is how I have it written right now: #Admin Name Password 5 Yet that doesn't work.
  2. How exactly do I make a player an admin? It shows "Format - Admin ", but do I put the "<" and ">" around the name, password, and level? I tried without and with and I can't figure out how to login. I type "/rcon_login password" in the chatbox and nothing happend.
  3. I'm trying to run a server off my home pc, but I need to know how to do the following: - Change the name of server - Change limit of players - Set the time left for the race - Disable anti-cheat Thanks.
  4. I won't try it on random people. The last admin lost his privilages of being an admin for abusing being and admin. It appears its all done with rcon. Do I have to put "/rcon ...." or just "rcon ...."?
  5. I just became an admin on someone elses server, I figured out how to login as an admin, but how do I ban people.
  6. Well I've been playing "24/7 Freeroam-Buy this Server today..." alot and I find its more interesting than racing. I tried cops and robbers, but there was a couple of people who had a teleporation hack on and instead of cops vs. robbers, it ended up being cops vs. cops. So I stopped playing that. Free Roaming, I enjoy killing other people and confusing them to death, I follow them around and ram them a couple of times and they get confused and start to run. I chase them until they blow up, it entertains me.
  7. Get it. But you'll need to download a hack for it to work with MTA since MTA doesn't work with the second edition and the second edition is the only one you'll find it stores. I got on MTA with my second edition yesturday and I have been playing atleast 6 hours so far, I love it. I got SA on PS2 also, but I wanted to go on MTA so I bought it for PC. If SA didn't come out on PS2 first, I would have bought the PC version instead.
  8. Thats the one I've been on since yesturday. Though I find its better later at night because for some reason the people who can actually fly don't play So I'm the only one flying and I'm bombing everyone under me.
  9. where can I find hacks for free roam? I keep getting chased by someone in a Rhino and they seem to have an unlimited supply of nitrous and there health never goes down.
  10. Where are the Free Roam servers? I've seen some videos on here of people playing on like a free roam map. I would really like to know because I'm getting tired of just racing.
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