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  1. OK, this is one of the best new ever done for mta+yamm ! Syntax (only to speak about him) made a basic multiplayer mod for both GTA3 and Vice City that i've tested for Red Spike 3 weeks-a month ago I hope you'll make quality as we're trying to do. Yakuzzza, GTAWO member.
  2. Ok, i wasn't on the web since tuesday... Err... i'm still working on the scenario. You should mail me to speak about it. Yakuzzza
  3. >> IJsVogel REALLY ? It is close ? So cool !!! It means mta for vice will be released soon before... Red leader has done too fast announce, as usual . No, we're not so soon for a release because : * Red leader meant to use GTA:VC for both map of Liberty and Vice, and has nearly ported Liberty into Vice engine. But, there's a huge problem that i (and Tonton) don't want to have with it : it's problems with Rock*. In fact, porting LIberty into Vice means copyrigth problem, and mess with Rockstar. As I don't want (and Tonton, and perhaps mta team) want to have juridical problem with Roc
  4. Hello, I wanted to say that we need mission coders. At least 4 or 5 new guys, really motivated and we could progress faster. I've sometimes the sensation that i've got to rewrite the whole main.scm. I think if i'm alone, the mission coding counter will progress by 1% every month. Yakuzzza
  5. No mission coders : gta3 or vice asm (seek for Barton editor or gtama2.0+ide editor) Yakuzzza
  6. Gameplay - - - - - - - - 0% (?) Client/Server Comm. -10% (?) GUI - - - - - - - - - - - - 10% (?) Memory coding - - - - -0%-1% (?) My job : Single player part--Liberty 0.1% Single player part--Vice 0% Scenario------------10% Others jobs Dunno------------Dunno% Dunno2-----------Dunno2% Dunno3-----------Dunno3% We really need mission coders (with Barton mission editor or gtama2.0+IDE editor - i use gtama's) Yakuzzza
  7. Yakuza


    Sorry you just asked my opinion... I gave you 5, less than the mean "can do better". The first box is ugly (with the 4 option). I would had prefer nearly a windows thing, or linuw one. The second is deceiving : i prefers the version we betatested (lol, first saturday, it didn't worked) Yakuzzza
  8. Yes that was a typo. I love typos... Gta3's engine isn't the same as Gta:vc. But Gta3's engine isn't different to Gta:vc. Yakuzzza PS : If they were the same, files could be ported directly into gta:vc. But they aren't so different. As far as i know, mission engine is near (it's gta3 mission engine with more opcodes). I don't know anything for the graphX.
  9. Perhaps if i've got the time... Can do a jpeg almost by my own in C/C++, half a client/server too. Have done windows real time APIs and windows APIs too. Not a n00b, but not a master. Contact red leader if you're interrested. (btw Sorry for the main, i'll do this on tuesday) Yakuzzza
  10. Rigth, perhaps over a year of dev, perhaps less... Don't forget : deasm tool must be done for vice, and we don't know how to do. I am currently lokking for a new citie to link to gta3. Perhaps a year. Yakuzzza
  11. I've got 60% of the specification of linking the game in mind. Tonton has 95% of specification of client/server in mind. We can say client/server is at least 15% done (main part works, data is/isn't compressed i forgot to ask). Perhaps more. I know a little of compression algorythming. I've the two game. All what i haven't got is IJsVogel's eMail or something to progress (if you have it, DON'T POST IT HERE !). As i said to a member of your team, i've got a 2.69 ko mail to give him (not a main.scm... ) I've got to meet IJsVogel as fast as possible. It should be great today until 2pm at
  12. Ok Neo, sorry... 'cause i didn't understood well your message... You said "My friend told me IF liberty was in vice city engine" I misunderstood. But already i think there no possibility to port this easy way. It can't be done like this And, to guys who don't trust us, you'll be amazed. For another guy : I KNOW THE WAY TO DO GTAWO, AND IT'LL WORk. All we'll can do is waiting vice's main.scm to be decyphered. It was done in six month for GTA3. Don't trust me... mmm... Should i care ? A friend of mine may (now, not migth) release too a C based language to mission editing. I can trust hi
  13. k... I'll try tomorow after my hard day of work... If you're rigth, there no problem in making GTAWO in Vice engine only(perhaps even mta:vice edition) BUT : I really (really), really (really really) have doubt about it since Vice has more actors than GTA3 and the actor table is different, and the weapons are differents (nd they are coded in the GTA3(or vice).exe, so i'm pretty sure all your friend tells you is lies... The map was not done for flying in it, we should have to remap all the thing and it could take monthes and monthes only to do this. And btw, there can't be smoother graphX
  14. And, and, and... Website is 90% done (sorry)... We can say mod is 0.0001% done too ( Tonton ) (but i know only half the team). I and Tonton are pretty sure how to link Vice and Liberty by airport. Redspike want us to be linked by sea perhaps later, but it should be harder to do it (and Vice is west coast style and Liberty east coast style...). Don't ask to include things in it : it's 0.0001% done, and there is a lot of work to do before a sympathetic v0.3 (just as MTA ). And we've got so many many ideas we want in it that it's huge to code yet. Yakuzzza PS : it's 00:25 am here 'cause
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