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  1. You know, by the time DM for SA is released ppl will be playing GTAIV online and nobody will care anymore.
  2. Not if it lags like hell and sucks balls.
  3. Yeah, i guess we may never see an optimized version for gta3. Gta3 seems to be the unwanted stepchild and all.
  4. It's not what others see on their screen, it's what you see on yours.
  5. There's all kinds of people that wanna be dentists in here i see. Since how all this is like pulling teeth and all.
  6. What exactly is MTASA going to have that SAMP doesn't already have that will make this such a good DM? I'm just curious.
  7. Sorry to have to make a post like this in the mta forums, but I was banned from party server by {KFC}Richo. I was accused of hacking because of my lag so the best solution the idiot had was to ban me. I was wondering if anyone here could unban me because it's been like 6 months and I'm still banned and thats getting really old now. My nick may either be [sOL]AgentX or InformantX. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  8. Thats good to know that it wont be forgotten after all. My opinion, gta3 and vc will be the best multiplayers simply becouse of the gameplay. They just feel more multiplayer acceptable with the actions and stuff.
  9. The source for gta3 and vc is so much better than SA. I was just worried that nobody would care about them anymore because of SA being the new big thing for multiplayer.
  10. I was wondering when mta gta3 and vc will ever be updated? Its been too long and a lot of ppl is starting to not play anymore. Is it possible to make a mta that is completely hack free? That is another HUGE reason why a lot of ppl are quitting mta. Just wondering.
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