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  1. Thanks for this Laggy! =]
  2. Very nice, Intro was nice, stunts were nice, the text could of been better overall 9/10. A very good video for your first!!
  3. I've found what I needed thanks anyways. Also thanks to the welcome wagon who all made me feel right at home.
  4. I didnt get one. I said I got it from someone all he gave me was the wire and the router.
  5. Sorry I thought I had put it in the right place. When I download the drivers where do I put them?
  6. Eddie


    It would be cool to see what maps the different servers are playing. But this belongs in the suggestions forums.
  7. I had got a baby linksys router wireless b the model number is WUSB11. Am trying to install it but I got no CD does anyone know a way to which I can install it without the cd or do I actually need one?
  8. Eddie

    My suggestions

    2) You can already see where everyone is in game.
  9. I heard with xFire it crashs your game but yeah your right about IPs and people not having registed names. *sighs okay thanks!
  10. Could we look forward to a map editor for GT3 like in GTASA?
  11. I've seen people driving over water and thats pretty bad lag. I wonder whos fault it is though.
  12. We need something like xFire so that you can add a friend and if there online jump to their game.
  13. Towards the end kinda made me jump. Wonder if thats actually a damn person. If so someone call the damn Plastic Surgery place!!
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