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  1. yeah, i agree, this site is kinda Can you have an English forum plz?
  2. I know 1 thing, }FA{N[a]M is Vietnamese and I also think that Hieu guy who is made EUNA and all them tournaments is too.
  3. and do you know how much time difference there is between Lithuania and Australia? hmm...maybe that explains it then!
  4. Good Luck, nice to see some oz clans still around!
  5. NP, hope to be playing you guys in a re-match soon!
  6. thanks Serbian. We just had 2 clanwars, but lost both : mfS 2-0 }FA{ BD (FMJ + mfS members, Kr!S birthday celebration clan) 2-0 }FA{
  7. we had a clanwar v mfS today: mfS 2-0 }FA{ GG to all.
  8. Palster or Jettis, Do you have a server? }FA{ are looking for some clanwars soon.
  9. lol I like the Info Page. GOOD LUCK!
  10. We have 2 New members: Please Welcome - }FA{LanCe_V }FAr{Sestic
  11. We now have a server: IP: Port: 2006
  12. ><tr3m3

    [DRF] a.k.a Drifters

    take it this is a finnish clan, Good Luck!
  13. Thank you all just to let everyone know, once we are ready, We will have clanwars.
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