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  1. As part of a project I am attempting with another player (a movie style car chase sequence), here is a small sample of what to expect. It is just basically a mess around with some sound effects added to a small clip of mta, but I think you will agree that it works well. http://rapidshare.de/files/17939409/Sam ... t.wmv.html
  2. I have been having some problems with trying to setup a password for my server by using mtaserver.conf, with it telling me I have the incorrect password every time. At the moment it reads as: # ServerPassword # Required: Yes (Yes if server should be passworded) # Purpose: Defines the server password Format - ServerPassword ServerPassword goaway Are there any obvious problems with this?
  3. I tried advil0's theory which worked this time thankfully. Is it normal for the counter in the corner to sink to around 10 whilst recording?
  4. Ok scratch that, gamecam will not work with mta for some bizarre reason which has made me quite angry I've noticed that the trial version of fraps does open whereas the full version does not.
  5. I tried all that but to no avail I decided to ditch fraps and use another capturing software called gamecam instead.
  6. For movie making purposes, is there a way to remove the conversation window in game?
  7. Sadly not I installed it to C:\Program Files\Fraps but it still wont open. God knows what's wrong with it.
  8. I recently downloaded fraps but every time I open the exe it just doesn't open at all, and it is not in the task manager either. I have tried reinstalling which didn't work so can anyone please advise?
  9. I am considering making a movie involving mta, but for it to be as good as it can be I was hoping to use the camera hack that allows you to have a free looking camera. Are there any versions or any other applications that can achieve this and work with mta?
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