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  1. Hi, I'm planning to buy version 2.0 of san andreas and I'm wondering how ill be able to play mta since 2.0 isnt supported, perhaps a patch?
  2. Ill ask my teacher about thetransparent thing later on, @ Oli: some sa-mp servers work, world of warcraft works ( I dont play it but some people at our school do so i know it works ) Counter strike doesnt show servers, and thats really all i tried
  3. How our thingy works is that it lets you access all the ports, and then you simply disable the ones you don't want, 22003 - 24000 were all open and none are being blocked. My teacher asked if perhaps you could suggest another workaround to this problem?
  4. thanks ill try that, howeveri can get msn and pretty much everything, its really not strict only limewire, but yeah ill talk to him and tell you how it goes
  5. Oh one more thing, I'm connected through ethernet cable and not the router as my dorm has the hard-jack in it. This is a kinda big problem since I basically live in my dorm and i love mta!, so yeah, i hope someone can help me on this. Thanks again.
  6. I can't ping or scan, i get the host ip's though, i tried direct connect, it times out, im just trying to connect to littlewhitey's. Here is some info: I'm on a network connection (on campus), my teacher upgraded my internet and it should have a fine speed for mta. Now i heard that we have something that blocks limewire and asked my teacher how it works, he said it blocks a range of ports used by limewire, now maybe this is affecting mta, I think he said we are behind a proxy, he said there are workarounds, and i should research and find out what ports and anything else mta uses. Our networ
  7. looking at how race was made it would be safe to presume that the map editor would be released with the first installment of DM.
  8. I got another idea, the no-respawn was a bit obvius to say the least!, how about an option whereby if you fall into the water you drown? just like in race, that would allow some interesting dm maps! with perhaps very thin paths, or king of the pyramid or what not?? I think it is a good idea!
  9. I believe DM should have an option for no respawning, and even better if it was Default, but just having it will be great, im sure it will be there, but im writing this just in case, since its such a fun thing to play last man standing, for many reasons.
  10. Listen, Dodge is probably just creating R4G3 (Rage) so he can go and post it on some website (i have a good idea of what but i wont tell you for your own good) and get some respect over there so please ignore him for your own sake!
  11. This happens alot when you fall at high speeds into water, especially with a dinghy.
  12. I for one believe that heat-haze should be removed, it can make frame rates drop for people, the game looks nicer withought it, or at least make it an option rather than a nessecity m,kay?
  13. PLease tell me where the white button is please!!!
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