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  1. I have been here since mid-febuary and have always felt that this was a great forum and stuff but lately it just seems as if everybody are getting more and more bitchy where as on gta3T everything seems more laid back and relaxed. I mean everybody asking for releases and stuff and the mods and devs seem to be getting very annoyed and arrogant. To me it seems like DracoBlue is more helpful. Just a couple of days ago he released a great program for everybody who wants to play SP, MTA, and gta3T. Just my thoughts
  2. yeah that beats me me to! DB where is that 0.1b dl cuz i don't see it on ur website
  3. cot damn Keva! What have you got up your......... The easiest thing is to be pessimistic but helpful is alot harder. As I remember it YOU PROMISED to make an apologie if this mod turned out to be real. So why don'tcha??
  4. well, look at the subject.
  5. xerox wrote: well why was it posted in this thread? newbinator wrote: maybe its because 15-20 of our members are Italian and by the way we are called "The Bianconeris"... look at the top
  6. xerox wrote: Don't do things like that =( What was that all about??? I didn't post anything like that saying we were the best.
  7. first of all I wasn't talking about the progress just the main page. I know they are busy I didn't mean to complain I just asked howcome. Finally I thought I had already closed this one up my self.
  8. I can't help but seing the irony in the fact that I, just a couple of hours ago, complained that the page wasn't updated enough, and suddenly there are two brand new topics in that news section... ahhhh life!
  9. well if you're beta-testing all the time why don't you post som screens or something like that, anything to keep a hungry mta soul satisfied
  10. Ever since you put up the page http://www.multitheftauto.com, you've been updating every second day but now it's been 10+ days and stil no word, I'm just saying it would be nice to see that it isn't just the forum thats alive.
  11. I see that you aren't that old , but what about the programmers, I mean if they're you're age they must be just BORN into this shit or somin'??
  12. I know i might seem nosy but i'd just like to know wether you are like 35 or 15, not that it really matters but since I spend an hour a day here its nice to know how old the people I'm are reading posts from are.
  13. The Bianconeris Join this International gang... our goal is to become the biggest, greatest and largest gang of all times... just e-mail or post a reply and I will sign you up, if you're any goood!
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