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  1. Destroyer-GT


    Yes it is started normally. But I don't know what causes the map flash and be LOD.
  2. Destroyer-GT


    Classic Deathmatch Doesnt work for me... Everthing is LOD and then after some seconds it starts lagging real bad, then crashes
  3. Yep thats a VERY old version
  4. thats because many people where just using the map for other maps and say: i build this all... i dont like that seeing all the hours i put in it^^
  5. Show Ya Skillz has gone exclusive and the newest version is now ONLY at Stoned Freeroam (Cheat and mod allowed)
  6. only the server host can change the colors, i found that out when i was looking in mta folders
  7. iam2noob4u and me made a file that contained rare objects plus all other and most of all lods r out, the objects that where crashing mta is also deleted, well i think all of them, want me 2 upload it??? tell me how
  8. 1* Is it able 2 to say if DM it is close 2 release? 2* Is there something about the objectlimit isue??
  9. Why is it mods compatible than?
  10. A: yes Q: Legosaurus got hungry and ate the spaceship, what now?
  11. A: Because of the space Q: what do u do with that space?
  12. i think also that it takes WAY 2 long, i mean not even a new picture on the website or a update
  13. im sure its not only for the secury car cause i pick up a cabbie 1 time
  14. U could go 2 a server named drift and freeroam (CHEATS ALLOWED) but not s0beit hack and u may not ram /kill + there is the very newest version of show ya skillz 2 which is not yet uploaded on center.mtasa.com
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