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  1. I would be very nice if the next checkpoints didn't look exactly the same as the next next one on the map. In many races you have no idea if you are going to the wrong checkpoint. Also it would be good if checkpoints were displayed on top (on the map) of the player markers. Sometimes you can't see the checkpoint just because there is alot of people in that area.
  2. I think that's the same problem. They also have to be able to recognise their environment.
  3. Ok, then I completely understand why bots are hard to implement. Thank you for the answers.
  4. i think on most maps you will not play in the whole sa world. And I think you could have fun width 16 bots (or even more maybe) if you use them in the right way.
  5. But a bot can't take up more bandwidth than a player. Okay, you might not be able to have 32 player + 32 bots, but maybe 16 players + 16 bots. I meen every bot take one players place.
  6. Would it really be so hard to add bots to DM? I meen, there is some standard AI in single player, like cops, gang memebers etc. Coudln't you use that to make a bot attac a player for example. It would probably require more cpu from the server but not that much. And it shouldn't be harder to synch a bot than a player. And there is a big feature that haven't been revealed yet, so who knows! I don't know much about networkprogramming so I'm probably wrong, but it would be cool if it was possible! Keep up the good work MTA team!!! I love your work!
  7. If you modify something with the SDK, what do you have to do to use it. Will it be lika a new map that you put in the server or does everone who wants to play the modified version have to download a modified client to be able to play on your modified server?
  8. Will it be possible to do driveby´s with a helicopter in MTA:DM? That would be really cool!
  9. In mta:sa race mod you can only use standard english characters. I use to play on a swedish server and when we talk to eachother we can´t use all the swedish characters. Would it be possible to fix that in mta:sa dm? It would be really great! Thank you for the good work so far! Mta sa is one of the best game I ever played. (I hope you understood what I ment, my english isn´t the best =))
  10. ogl_009


    I have tried to find information about the sdk (I don´t know if there will be any, but people say it all the time). I have searched the forum but I couldn´t find anything. My question is: What can you do with the SDK? Which scripting/programming language will be used?
  11. I had it, and it was because I used a nocd-crack (and only when i crossed the finish line, i think it crasched when it tried to play the winningsong from the cd). When I started to play with my DVD instaed the problem went away. My specs: Windows XP Pro SP2 Pentrium M 1.6 GHz 512 MB ram ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 AGP (64MB)
  12. I had it. Windows XP Pro Pentium centrino 1.6 GHz 512 MB ram ATI Radeon mobile 9700 (64 mb)
  13. I think I solved the problem. I tried to play it with the GTA SA DVD instead of the no-cd-crack and the game haven't freezed since then. Im happy now!
  14. My game freezes sometimes when i am crossing the finish line. In the same way that happend to alot of people (including me) whit mta sa 1.1. But, as I said, only when i am crossing the finish line. I had this problem in version 1.0 too, so it isn't something new with version 1.1. I haven't met anyone else with this problem but I thought it wouldn't hurt if you knew about it. I do not expect you to fix it when I´m the only one with this problem but now you know about it. //Ola (Sweden)
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