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  1. I Din't succeed, looks like the EXACT time the player minimizes it bugs
  2. Oh! How specific, i can't belive i haven't found this1Thank you for the help, when i finish the anti interior bug (and if it works) i will post in the community
  3. Well, here it goes: I need help to make/find some specific function that can detects if the grand theft auto windows its ACTIVED, actived window means some window that the user its using NOW, maximized or minimized. Because i am trying to make a script that detects if the gta windows its actived and if its isn't the it sets the player camera to another interior, this can be useful to avoid interior camera bug. Sorry for my english, not from USA
  4. So, is there a way to make a mta server send information do a php page and vide-versa? I Tryed php sdk but the exemple only returns [0] in the php page. Im running in a vps, so everything is localhost here I just need an small exemple, so i can understand it. I Tried wiki exemples but they are like SQL exemples, impossible for noobs to learn.
  5. So, i was wondering how they do work. Because no matter what i tried, no results. So, is there an exemple about how to create a scrollpane, make it work with a scroolbar and add an label in the scrollpane please. I Tried wiki but seems imposible to understand + i don't speak english very right Edit: Oh, now i understand, i tryed this by myself, if you want to learn to try this, admins, close topic please. You can run this on runcode, its on the wiki. crun window = guiCreateWindow(5,5,130,150,"",false) scrollpane = guiCreateScrollPane(0,0,130,150,false,window) crun for i=0,20 do gui
  6. I Only used 3 words. The rest are numbers and symbols...@topic: I Like sparta
  7. i used 3 words + 01000001011011100110010000100000011001110111010101100101011100110111001100100000 0111011101101000011000010111010000111111001000000100111001101111011101110010000001101001001000 0001100001011011010010000001110101011100110110100101101110011001110010000001100010011010010110 1110011000010111001001111001001000010010000001011001011001010111001101101000001000010010000001 0000010110111001100100001000000110001001101001011011100110000101110010011110010010000001101001 0111001100100000011011010110000101100100011001010010000001101111011101010111010000100000011011 1101100110001000000
  8. This should work, happens in serverside and trigger all the players ( play the sound for everybody ) Server function player_Wasted ( ammo, attacker, weapon, bodypart ) if not attacker == source then -- If it is not a suicide then if ( weapon == 16 ) -- and if the weapon is 16 ( granede ) triggerClientEvent ( getRootElement(), "perfect", getRootElement()) -- Trigger this to every client. end end end Client addEvent("perfect",true) -- Creates the event handler function perfect() -- Play for everybody local sound = playSound("Per
  9. Worked, thanks man. Now i tested with some of my friend and it worked.Thanks bro ;D
  10. Its not an function error, theres a missing ")" in this function, this part is right ( in terms of lua sintax ). But about scripting i can't say nothing, because i don't have the full script. Sometimes the debugscript gets the wrong line...
  11. I Don't even know what you are doing, but when we are using if we use "==" not just one "=", but im not sure if this will work, try, elseif not, post /debugscript 3 function consoleSetNosFiringStyle() if (g_Settings.ControlStyle == "normal") then g_Settings.ControlStyle = "nfs" elseif (g_Settings.ControlStyle == "nfs") then g_Settings.ControlStyle = "hybrid" elseif (g_Settings.ControlStyle == "hybrid") then g_Settings.ControlStyle = "normal" if saveSettingsToFile() then outputGuiPopup("Your NOS control style has been set to " ..tost
  12. Headshot4Fun


    No, but you can make the video using images. For every frame save as a pic. Save every pic with the name of the last one plus one, exemple: 1.png, 2.png, 3png... Then keep changing them (x=x+1) every render (onClientRender)
  13. Oh, what a idiot am i... changing it... I Know, but for some reason i forgot it. Well, thats what happens when you try to script a gamemod at 3:00 am.Edit shit, i can't just make it works. it returns the --fail when should return --true, and also, doen't return --true. Can some one help me to make this function, it should searches a accountData in all accounts and return false if someone have it, and true if noone haves it. Heres the full relevant code: function checarConta(nome) local resultado = {} for i,v in pairs (getAccounts()) do if getAccountData(v,"char.no
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