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  1. Ive noticed that every game i play in and it happens to me aswell that nearly everyone gets timed out at some point during a session. Any heads up on why this is happening and any possible news on if this is being fixed?
  2. I would tear this post apart like it's my job, but it's just easier to call you stupid and tell you that it's not just the UK that supports the US "war." (even though I personally don't.) Quite a few countries indeed. Try over 20 major independent nations. Just from reading through that, you are doing nothing but spouting off propaganda that is nothing but total BS. You obviously have no idea what's going on, and are just following what the latest message board trend is. We still ar looking for Bin Laden (shows your intelligence is way out in left field huh?) And please enlighten me, i
  3. 95% of the world huh?!?, ok then so why is it only the brits and yanks and a few others who want to keep in americas favour that are supporting the "war on terror", i dont know what americans think but certainly the brits wish that this whole thing never started but now we cant exactly pull our troops out because of the mess that the country is in atm. imho this whole war on terror thing was an attempt from america to keep some kind of control of the thing that is essential to the modern world... OIL. Saddam NEVER had any WMD and if this was all kick started because of 9/11 then why isnt more
  4. I certainly dont think these maps should be deleted. Yes lots of people died on 9/11 but people die from getting shot everyday so that means you shouldnt be able to shoot people on gta?!? Things happen, lives go on, if your not happy with this map then simply leave the server you are on and come back later. Just because you find this subject touchy you ask for it to be banned.. im sure there is people who find other subjects upsetting but just get on with it.
  5. No memory hacking in itself isnt illegal, its widely used to find bugs/compatibility issuses in programs and hardware so that theese can be sorted out e.g amd done it with intel cpu's so that they can be made to work without issues with software but nowadays with most games anyway any type of memory hacking is USUALLY stated to be a breach of the eula you agree to when you click yes when ur about to install the game.
  6. Nice tip chain.. thanks, i used to just close every single thing before starting mta so that it would always close mta.
  7. Ohh and yeah villim i have found a way to close gta without having to restart ur pc... Press ctrl+alt+del then press alt+e and that will close it down
  8. Yes it is illegal, its called "reverse engineering" read the t's&c's that come with every game =). Not saying that two wrongs make a right but it annoys me when people get all high and mighty when you are doing something to make a game that you BOUGHT work thats all.
  9. You cant alt and tab from the main menu either and also to the post up there about cd cracks being illegal or whatever..... Do you know that going in to physical memory and manipulating gta (what was dont to make this work) is also illegal?!?!?!? I have bought san andreas but my dvd player has a mind of its own and sometimes it wont load so for every one of my games i get a nocd crack.. loads the game up well faster. Any chance of and alt - tab feature being put back in so i can atleast press ctrl-alt-del to kil the process instead of needing to restart my pc after every session.
  10. My game sometimes (most of the time) freezes when i try to disconnect then quit. Alt + tab feature would save me having to hard restart my p.c after every session. Pentium 4 2.66 Mhz (single core) 768Mb DDR 333mhz (1x 512 stick and 1x 256 stick) XFX GeForce 6200 (overclocked) Windows XP home edition Service Pack 2
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