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  1. Nice movie. P.S. Everyone who downloads from my server must donate to the Buy Microsoft Fund @
  2. There is chat. You alt-tab into windows and inside the MTA window is a chat type box. Type in there and it will appear on the GTA3 screen for all users.
  3. MTA also has alot of problems.
  4. Squalid

    Beta Screenz

    I clicked the link and it came up with the Porn Lottery?! Wheres the screenies? Has Iggy sold out to make money?
  5. If you teach me everything you know, then I shall help.
  6. Redspike and his team are already doing that. Its called GTA World.
  7. Squalid

    Beta Screenz

    I got this: We are sorry, but the file you are trying to download is larger than the maximum length permitted under current network conditions. Please try again later when network conditions change. The file you were trying to download was 1979263 bytes. >
  8. What is this new method? By not telling us, many threads will be made asking what it is.
  9. Mallcore? never heard of it. If i listen to SOAD, Linkin park, Reel Big Fish + Loads of others, am i "mallcore"? Too many people stereo-typing. Stereo-typing is BAD. I onced got beaten up and had a broken arm because of the music i was listening to. I have friends who listen to rap, rock, pop, garage, dance. Just stop the stereo-typing NOW.
  10. Who is in charge of making the Speed Gamemode? I would like to ask him/her some questions regarding the display of both the Timer and the Speed of the vehicle. At the moment, i can only display the speed. 03C4: text_status( $TOYZ3, ::number0?::, "CARSPEE") \\ Vehicle Speed I tired: 03C4: text_status( $TOYZ2, ::number0?::, "CARSPEE") \\ KMPH Vehicle Speed 03C4: text_status( $TOYZ3, ::number0?::, "CARSPEE") \\ MPH Vehicle Speed But it just displays the first one. Any help with this would be appreciated. Squalid.
  11. Why not just add the ops to the aop list of #-=omg=-? That would op them automaticly.
  12. You said that the prize was the main.scm.
  13. I didnt know where to ask this question so I'll ask it here. Where can i find info/sites on mission coding? I really want to start but I dont know where to start.
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