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  1. grey looks better, more profressional
  2. careful, say the wrong thing and your post might disapear lol... Its gonna be an interesting accomplishment about how its gonna work tho.
  3. oh dear, i have a bad feeling about this...
  4. ehh, my post was deleted :\ shoulda edited it to at least say what i said wrong... h3@d, who knows how he is gonna pull it off, i suppose its possible seeing as its pretty much just a newer version of the renderware engine (Tony Hawk 3 and 4, GTA3, GTA:VC are a couple of games that use the engine) so porting it wouldnt be so bad. Problem is porting stuff like physics and actual code like as you said shootable tires and stuff. You would most likley need the actual SDK from rockstar to do any of the fancy stuff... Just my guesses tho.
  5. 16 bit floating point? I take it you mean 16-bits per channel? as opposed to claiming that the NV3X family actually only does 16-bits FP instead of a full 128? The hazards of talking on topics you're not entirely aware of I guess - the GeForce FX is actually more accurate than the Radeon 9500/9600/9700/9800 - ATI only does 96-bits, rounded to 128-bits at the end while NVIDIA offer a true 128-bit and intermediary 64-bit (if developers choose to use it) which has certain performance benefits (and is still an improvement over the IQ of DX8 shaders) Hmm, I knew i forgot something, forgot I even posted this.. I suppose I should have made that a little more clear. Granted, you are correct, the GFFX is technically and in practical testing easilly as fast as the 9800 (I'd want either of the cards personally , babystep up from a 9700Pro) As you stated it does indeed have full support for 128-bit, and it does have its increase in IQ and preformance in some cases. But in the case of a few "unofficial" drivers (even the latest set of official Det's 43.45), it has become apparent that the drivers default to 16FP, but to comply with the DirectX 9 specifications a compliant card has to meet the minuimum 24FP afaik. So at "defaults" the driver would technically break spec. To the average gamer this would probably mean nothing more than a grain of salt. Either way you cant go wrong, both of these cards are completely respectable and plenty of preformance to spare on games comming up (Dug up the old thread at FM that some of the info came from if you guys want to read though the crazyness Here)
  6. GF-FX line = DX9.0 (which is arguable because of the recent event of 16bit floating point, which would make it a non-compliant card) GF3, GF4Ti line = DX8.0 (not DX8.1 because of lack of support of Pixel Shader 1.4) GF4MX, GF2 line = DX7.0 (lack of pixel shader spec)
  7. a usually means alpha stage and b usually means beta stage.
  8. or atleast a solid color of some sort, it doesnt look very good with a picture as a background tho.
  9. those suggestions are good imo, only thing that bugs me a bit is the ugly picture thats used as the background for the container, leave it to default gray it looks more profressional.
  10. AthlonXP 2100+ stock A7M266 (Soon to be a A7N8XDeluxe) 512Mb PC2100 RAM (Soon to be 512Mb dual channel DDR PC3200 setup) 40Gig IBM Deskstar 60GXP 40Gig Seagate Barracuda IV ATi Radeon 9700Pro i think thats most of the important stuff 1152x864 for just about everything, 6xAA and 16xAF (GTA3 doesnt like AA tho too much) and everything runs fastass. Id be running higher except my monitor is the limiting factor D: If your looking at getting a new processor (like the one you mentioned, not a bad choice either), you would need a new mobo(Asus A7N8X), and memory(512MB PC2700), and most likeley a new HD(your choice), and why not get a new Video Card (GFFX mainstream line, or the ATi mainstream).
  11. odd, that is what I was wondering a while back about how bad some people's spelling was.
  12. i believe this is the mod that was later found to be a hoax, as well, that article you posted is like a year old.
  13. FLiP

    New Forum

    Hmm, finally decided to sign up on here (out of my lazy spell). Theme is good overall. A couple suggestions tho, lose the screenshot background, imo it looks unprofessional, use a solid color background or a simple pattern. The other thing is limit the size of the avatars to something like 100x100 pixels, it makes the forum format look wack. GJ tho on the new forum, as well as the new site/mod. alpha 0.3 looks promising cant wait
  14. FLiP


    Nope, i dont belive this situation with saddam should be solved with war.
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