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  1. More random questions: - Can we (via scripting I presume?) set some sort of instant death zone? For example: If crafty players escape the areas in our maps they will automatically die because they escape (and the area is surrounded by an instant death zone). I hope that makes sense... - Can we change the colour of the Yellow entrance markers? - Will the map actually contain objects like.. the Naval Carrier's moving platforms and Area 69's blast doors? Race didn't have them...
  2. But would it ever be possible to somehow incorporate the whole map in the map editor or is it just a pipe dream?
  3. I have a couple of random questions about MTA SA DM: - As well as simply disabling weapons in interiors, can we make it so it only disables certain weapons only? For example I don't want people to use rocket launchers in the interiors but I want them to use guns though. - Can we have custom cars on the servers so that everybody sees the custom car even though the do not personally have it on their computer? - When placing car spawns can we make it so it spawns in a particular colour? - Seeing as part of Liberty City is an object in the game, would it be possible to somehow have the entire
  4. Yeah! I love that idea. I want them to make one BIG update and list certain facts in it as well. It will keep everybody happy for just a LITTLE bit longer.
  5. It better do... But still, I think RaFFi's suggestion is a great idea the devs should haveily consider. But error is right, it needs to be in Beta for that to happen. let's just hope that beta is coming VERY soon.
  6. I think he meant it as in, they HAVE TO release something if they wish to maintain popularity and interest.
  7. Yes. But we have heard that so many times. That is what annoys us. We have been waiting far longer than these things should take and people are losing interest. Yes, we do live lives. But sooner or later people aren't even going to bother checking on the mod.
  8. The reply from someone that said that DM will be in Beta mode by the time GTA4 comes out made me sick. Please tell me that this thing comes out before then?
  9. Oh here we go. Some old response... "How original". Well no I won't. I've been waiting so long that I couldn't care less about SA anymore. I doubt I'll play it again now. I'm past that point you see, so what's the point of waiting any longer if I am sick of the game now? In fact why am I still here? Well, I bid you all farewell then! But this isn't the last you will be hearing from me...
  10. Yeah. We're all sick of waiting! How long has it been now? Half a year? A YEAR!?? That's way too long to make us wait. All we ever see is a tutorial every 2 weeks. While they are nice and informative. Who cares about it right now? We don't have anything to try it out on. I'm sick of waiting. I can be patient when I need to be but this is the limit. Cool features are nice. But I don't care about perfect. I won't complain if we had a buggy game. I just want the damn DM!!!!!! And if they don't do a public beta. I will go crazy and personally hunt and kill every last developer. That's how sick of
  11. Done. Nice logo though.. I guess that's the start of the new makeover you guys have planned? Also.. the page just says "coming" and then says "Meanwhile check out mtavc.com".. hmmm...
  12. Well I uploaded a map. Island_Of_The_Pirates.map I mainly want the structures and objects. However I placed vehicle chang pickups with names of the vehicle spawn I want there and the sawnpoints are where I want player spawnpoints to be. Is this ok?
  13. Well I think it's high time we get him to help us out on the war against these cheaters then..
  14. Well the map editor itself is the one thing I'm really hanging out for.. Take all the time you need to make it the best you can! It really is one of the coolest things in a long time. I didn't expect it to be able to convert Race maps so I'm just making prototypes of sorts about ideas I've had.. KEEP US THE GOOD WORK!!
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