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    How to get cords from window which have map ? Like freeroam u can spawn using map.
  2. http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=2125 omg
  3. CowTurbo


    5. is realy false.
  4. http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=2115 This is made by me!! Fuck those KoG Bastards! Now they got ban in our server! ( Someone remove it ?)
  5. maybe its somesort of SKC one, in chat are much SKC chat.
  6. k, i will report more when i see u can delete this topic too.
  7. Does MTA allow this sort of accounts ? memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=41758 Look him website, or intrests By the way, if u read forum RealyFunnyGirl then happy birthday ( I catched this account on birthdays )
  8. yea, benox, i have sawed that topic, thats bad that he leaved =( but you know he's MSN? I dont By the way, i going to contact you with PM
  9. CowTurbo


    Dakilla! Whaazaa, its going nicely Thx for script =) its nice to hear that you still scripting =D
  10. Lets say they are more.. ( i wasnt find better ) I want Picture Of towncivilan
  11. is there enyway to contact with The Kid ? PM, was you maked the Models for cubes ?
  12. CowTurbo


    How to setPlayerNametagColor using html code ? ( #FF00FF Will be pink, #FF0000 will be red... ? )
  13. Ok, i missed one " -- Server side function onPlayerLogin () if isObjectInACLGroup (source,aclGetGroup("Admin")) then bindKey ( source, "m", "down", showWindow ) end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerLogin", getRootElement(), onPlayerLogin ) function showWindow () triggerClientEvent ( thePlayer, "showWindowClientSide", thePlayer ) end -- Client Side GUIEditor_Window = {} GUIEditor_Button = {} GUIEditor_Label = {} GUIEditor_Window[1] = guiCreateWindow(244,192,289,309,"Panel Miembros Que Pagan",false) GUIEditor_Button[1] = guiCreateButton(73,31,124,39
  14. no it isnt good host. You dont have realy good acces for your server in delux.
  15. function showTheGUI (key,keySate) if isObjectInACLGroup (source,aclGetGroup("Admin")) then -- isObjectInACLGroup -> Only server side function. if guiGetVisible (GUIEditor_Window[1]) == false then guiSetVisible ( GUIEditor_Window[1],true) showCursor (true) else guiSetVisible ( GUIEditor_Window[1],false) showCursor (false) end else outputChatBox ("You Are not admin") end end bindKey ("m","down",showTheGUI) So, we have to do some check's in server side, and then trigger client side event to open gui. -- Server side function onPlayerLog
  16. better dont post this topic, this man is crazy
  17. CowTurbo


    hmm, maybe remove the slothbot resource, and in meta.xml remove if there is . then bots should disapear.
  18. https://www.serverffs.com/donate/95208603/ , please, donate for us, guys! =( This is good for non-scripters. Who dont know .lua, and wanna server, so they can buy easyly something at there. We are still working on it. Please donate. =/
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